Saturday, February 25, 2006

Irony, thy name is H&R Block

Submitted without comment, H&R Blockheads

For the millions of people who rely upon advice given by tax professionals, H&R Block's (NYSE: HRB - News) guarantee that it will stand behind its work is a welcome sign that they know what they're doing. Or so you would think. What then is a taxpayer supposed to think when the leading tax return prep company admits to understating its own taxes, thus causing a restatement of earnings going back as far as 2004?


Karen said...

they're in bed with the bushies, it's as simple as that!

Mike V. said...

well, I don't know if it's anything like that, but it certainly does not make me think much of a tax company.

not that I care, I have been doing my own taxes with Intuit (turbotax) for years and filing electronically.

blog Portland said...

Fuck them; Jackson Hewitt all the way.

Oh, and forget what they said about you on I Talk Too much; I get a lot of my news just by reading your blog.

Mike V. said...

Oh, I never did see that.
Thanks for reminding me.

All the news that's fit to complain about..

Kevin Leary said...

Luckily, their taxes are about a million times as complicated as any individual.