Tuesday, February 28, 2006

And the quote of the day goes to...

Junior for this little gem:

"I've got ample capital and I'm using it to spread freedom and to protect the American people,"

What capital??

Spreading freedom to whom? To war-torn Iraq that is plunging into civil war? Oh, right, Bush says they are not. Of course, he also doesn't read the papers or the news, so it might have slipped him by.

Protecting us from whom? The terriers?
Do you want us to buy some more duct tape, too, just in case?

It's like there is some sort of parallel universe they are living in over in Bushland.
Maybe they have free cotton candy and pony rides for junior or something over there.
Who knows..


sparky said...

I can barely stand to listen to or read anything spouted by our unclothed emperor, much less look at him. I wish someone would just lock him & Dick(head) Cheney & (Ronald Mc)Donald Rumsfeld up in a dark room with padded walls and a big vat of butter and throw away the key.

On a brighter note, re: your last comment:
For classic American diner food, the best place to eat in the TL is Mimi's Manor House. The food is excellent, the prices unbelievable (the daily specials are $4.45 for a complete dinner + beverage -- and they're NOT "blue plate" specials!) and the service is always wonderful. Mimi is sweetheart who runs a very tight "ship". I like to ask her when we're going to get married (hee-hee)!
And her meatloaf is great, as is her prime rib, steak, seafood (including prawns & scallops), pork roast and (one of my faves) her double bacon cheeseburgers. Yum! Good shakes & french fries, too.
I'll spring for dinner if you supply the see-gars!

gabsmash said...

As always, love the avatar pic

Mike V. said...

me, or mark? :)