Sunday, August 07, 2005

Oh, yea. This is a cigar!

Oscuro Natural?
It's an extra fermented Sumatra wrapper that I really would not call
"oscuro" based on the box that I got, but it's damn tasty.
In fact, it's one of the best "tasting" cigars I have smoked in a long
Packed in slide top cabinets of 25 and ribbon banded, when you break
the top open, the smell is amazing.
The dark Sumatra wrappers are veined but very good to look at.
I got them delivered at work, and sat there smelling them at my desk.

Smoked one in the car on the way home, lighting it up as soon
as I sat down in my car.
Perfect draw, sharp burn almost the entire time, and when it did get
uneven, it corrected itself without help from my lighter.
It's not as full bodied as they make it out to be. At first.
It builds as you go on this L400 size that I got (5.75x54) and the
combinations of aroma coming from the ligero and the wrapper are just
I have to admit, I do not nub that many cigars, but I did this one.

Filler and binder are all Dominican leaf.
Highly recommended.

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