Friday, August 05, 2005

Spay/Neuter your pets, watch out for them and adopt if you can!

Look at the face on this girl!

A while back, I found her running around the busy street near my house when I was on the way to work.
She had no real collar on and no tags.
There was no fucking way that I was going to leave her, she was scared and would get hit easily because she didn't know where she was going.
I called my boss and said that I was going to be late, took her by my vet and they scanned for a chip but there was none.

So, I took her home, put her in the kitchen (we already have three dogs of our own that I didn't want to leave her alone with just in case) and told my wife what to expect when she got home from work at her earlier-than-me hour.
Long story short, she was a loving little gal that fell for my wife, but did not get along too well with our own three doggies. 4 female dogs in one place. Yikes!

The next day, we walked her and ours all over the neighborhood and hung up "dog found" papers.
No one called and we couldn't keep her so we brought her to the Central Shelter which is a no-kill shelter that has received a lot of money over the years from Joan Kroc.
This was a very difficult thing for us to do because we couldn't imagine someone letting this sweet girl get away like that and obviously not giving a shit (no one ever called me about her).
I called them a few days later and she had been adopted. I hope she went to a loving house that lets her sit on the couch during TV time. :)

If you have a pet:
Love it, take care of it, chip it, use a collar with tags, keep it safe and make sure it is fixed.
If you don't have a pet and are thinking about getting one, make sure you are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure that it's the right thing for you now!
If you are positive that it's time for a pet, please consider adopting one of the pets in need that are sure to live in your area.
Yes, I understand the allure of getting a pure bred dog for certain reasons.
To be honest, unless I was a hunter and needed a pure bred gun dog, I would never get a pet from a breeder.

It's my opinion that the dogs and cats and pets that have been domesticated to live in our homes are our charges. We are obligated to care for them. If you are not prepared to do that, then I don't think you are prepared to have a pet.

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