Monday, August 08, 2005

They pretty much have you covered at this place:

I mean, what else could you possibly need.
You got your donuts, your sausages, your smokes and beerocks.
I think you could just shop here forever.
Maybe someone could tell me what a beerock is, though...


Kirk said...

Hi Mike - I think beerock is the equivalent of German Bierock - a savory pastry like dish, ground beef & sauerkraut baked in dough...hand me the beano, please!
And what, no lumpia for sale!!!!

Mike V. said...

well, I might have to stay away from that, then.
I am NOT a fan of sauerkraut for sure.
thanks for the info, though.
I guess I could have not been lazy and just looked that up on google.. :)