Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hanging with the dogs

Well, this continues to be an interesting time for me. This whole out of work thing. This look on Poppy's face is pretty rad. That's what you feel like right after getting shitcanned. Ha!
Maybe I'm going about it the wrong way. The LA Times had a story about people enjoying their "funemployment". I wish I could take it that way the whole time. But as my wife will attest, I'm not really stressed or anything, it's just sort of a bummer sometimes. Hell, even when I went to the beach to read and take some pictures on the 3rd, it fucking rained! :) We don't get rain in San Diego between April and Nov for Crissakes. Thunder and lightening, too. Crazy.

The 4 of us chill around the house a lot. When you talk to the dogs, they don't talk back. If they do, I'm fucking out of here.
They like having people around, though sometimes I wonder why because we're always telling them what to do, or what not to do. At the moment, it's please don't chase the disease-infested possums that have been skulking around the yard the last week or so. Or eat the babies.
Note, if there is an animal that is NOT a cute baby, it's a fucking possum. Also, they do in fact play dead. Otis pulled one out of the bushes the other day and dropped it in the grass. Looked dead as a doornail. Ten minutes later the little shit was gone. Non-city people can laugh, but how the hell am I supposed to know!

If all the resumes that I have sent out were paper instead of electronic, I'd have to buy carbon footprint something or others. Whatever that's called.

My mom and stepdad came down last month and we painted the exterior of the house. In four days! Not bad from start to finish with all that prepping and stuff. All of us were really sore by the end, I'm sure. But the house looks a lot better now, and that was really awesome they helped us get done what we have wanted to do since like the day we moved in here Aug of '02.
Procrastination is pretty nice. Should you like to see a start to finish photo montage taken right after we began prep following the powerwash, check this out. All those are thumbsnail jpegs that get bigger if you click on them.

My goal between now and when I find a job shall be more funemployment, less time being bummed out. But I have promised my wife that I shall keep the house spotless during the week, so I have to time my fun properly. I'll shoot for spotless. We have 3 dogs that shed all day every day, what the hell can I do??


Tom Harper said...

Rain in San Diego in the summer, that's gotta be one for the books.

I was in and out of San Diego when I was in the Navy (early '70s), and it always seemed to be right around 70 degrees, no matter what season or what time of day or night.

Enjoy the funemployment.

david said...

Mike- sorry to hear that you are out looking for work, it is never a good time to be doing that but at the moment it is obviously tougher than normal. Good that your wife is still in her job- it sounds cheesy, but enjoy the time if you can..... and keep taking photos!

Mike V. said...

thanks, guys.
not cheesy at all, David. I really should try and enjoy it the best I can.

SteeleOnSaipan said...

Hi Mike,

I saw your comment on Matt Taibbi's latest article on the Chimp and came to check out your site. Then I minimized the page and started working again and two hours later, realized that I was still on your site.

We have a lot in common; I lived in SD for 12 years, SDSU grad '91, lived in PB and Pt. Loma, I read the Chimp religiously, am pissed off a big fan of Matt, Mike Whitney and David Green.

I live overseas on a small tropical island, moved away in '94. A lifestyle to consider since big city life will only get tougher. Check out my blog at

Best of luck,

Mike V. said...

Thanks for stopping by, Randy.
I appreciate the kind words.
I'd love to move to one of the Hawaiian islands some day. The Marianas are just a little too far.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, the idea of FUNEMPLOYMENT sounds great!!! I hope you really get more of fun and less of worries during this period. I wish you all the best!

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