Monday, January 19, 2009

Religious cults

So last night (Jan 18th 2009) we were watching this show on the National Geographic Channel about this cult in New Mexico led by a now convicted perv.
One wonders how exactly a person would get involved with something like this, living out in the middle of nowhere, listening to some nut who tells you he's the Messiah.
Note, I didn't say some nut who THINKS he's the Messiah, because I'm sure he's just a huckster. Because when a guy says, "you need to lay down here naked with God. And by God, I mean my penis" (I made up the last part of the quote, can you tell?) I have a feeling that he's not really the Messiah.

I guess in real life (whatever that is) we do have to abdicate a little bit of ourselves in order to get along or just have a roof over our heads. The bank holds the title to your house, but you don't have to offer up your wife or daughter to the loan officer just for the privilege of having a mortgage.. And in the big picture, I suppose living out in the sticks with no responsibilities other than planting trees and growing tomatoes has a certain lure. Until the "Messiah" makes you un-clog his toilet or something.

But it got me thinking, how the hell are these nuts any worse than any other organized religion? The big ones just happen to maybe be on TV and have better lawyers.
I have the same contempt for all of these modern Elmer Gantry-types. How many times have we seen some perv with a Brioni suit say that God told him via his dick that he needs to have sex with - insert abused parishioner here - in order for all to be right in the world??

Which brings me to the Obama inauguration.
I voted for the guy for obvious reasons, not the least of which because McCain is crazy and his running-mate was a fucking moron. I'm happy about the win and everything and overall think it's pretty awesome.
But how he went about choosing that crazy asshole from that Orange County Brokeback Church or whatever to give the big inauguration prayer is beyond me.
This guy is everything that is wrong with this country and with religion all rolled up into one. He's a fucking charlatan and a joke. It's kind of embarrassing.
We've had enough embarrassment in the last 8 years, we don't need anymore.

Can we keep the religious crazies at bay for just a little while, please??

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