Saturday, December 27, 2008

Even Dr. Seuss hates Bush


Tom Harper said...

Let's hear it for Dr. Seuss.

Nobody can rest easy until that asshole is out of the White House.

Ali said...

Hi Mike, sorry to post something that is irrelevant to your post, well its somehow related.

"This is a crazy world. How can Christian Palestinians celebrate xmas in Gaza and the holy land when Irsaeli planes have killed more than 300 civilians and 30 children and 20 women. When will governments realize that people in my region want to live in Peace and co exist. Good hearted Americans like you can end this bloodshed.
call your congress and representive now to put pressure on Israel to end this maddness."

SheaNC said...

I would not like him in my house.
I would not like him with a mouse.
I would not like him in my car.
I would not like him in a bar.
I would not like him on the street.
I would not give him beets to eat.
I would not like him dressed in blue.
I would not let him wear my shoe.
I would not want him within reach.
I wish that he had been impeached!