Saturday, November 01, 2008

Make sure you



SheaNC said...

I voted... mail-in ballot, hand-delivered, hopin' it counts.

Wrote in "Rupert" from Survivor/Pearl Islands.

Just kidding.

LA said...

I voted last Tuesday at an early voting location. I waited 45 minutes, but it was totally worth it to get it done early.

I just heard on the news that LA County already has 14 percent voter turnout by the night before the election from both early and absentee and they expect close to 80 percent turnout. Amazing.

In 24 hours, there should be something amazing to celebrate.

Mike V. said...

we went by the registrar office here in San Diego on Sat: 4 to 6 hour wait.
yesterday morning, my wife went to vote there early and had to wait 2 hours.
because as she stated when the news interviewed her, her boss scheduled MEETINGS FROM 8am TO 6PM on election day!!!
anyway, I will vote this afternoon.