Thursday, October 30, 2008

They prove they will try and take your vote in order to win

Below, as reported by the LA Times this morning (read the whole story) is a snapshot of the legal battles in several "battleground" states.
What it shows is that the modern Republican party wants to win by stealing votes, or by keeping people from not voting.
I guess if they succeed, it's technically winning. If by winning you mean hating America and her citizens, then let that be their label.
Because the tactics being used by them are nothing short of hateful and wrong.
There were even reports in some states that they wanted to try and challenge voters that have had their homes recently foreclosed on the technical grounds that their address as of now does not match. Imagine that. That is how much they hate America.
The McSame smear campaign can try and make it sound like a couple idiots buying packs of smokes for homeless guys is some giant democrat conspiracy, but sorry. Fighting to keep valid voters off the rolls by the hundreds of thousands if not millions is just a little bit more important.

As reported:

Voting rights groups sued, asking a federal judge to reinstate 30,000 names purged from the state registry in what they argue was a violation of federal law prohibiting removals within 90 days of a federal election. In a compromise, those stricken will be allowed to cast provisional ballots.

Voter advocacy groups sued last year to challenge a "no match, no vote" law, but failed to revoke it. About 10,000 voters remain on a list flagging them for identity checks on or before election day. The state is also one of five against which the Justice Department has filed complaints alleging misconduct related to minority voting.

A three-judge federal panel ruled that election officials needed Justice Department approval to check voters' immigration status. The ruling didn't make clear, though, whether the checks must cease.

A Republican Party lawsuit alleging registration fraud seeks to shut down early voting in four counties.

A federal judge struck down the state's voter removal program and ordered election officials to cease purging names from the rolls when their voter identification cards were returned by the Postal Service as undeliverable.

A Justice Department complaint alleges misconduct related to minority voting.

After the state Democratic Party sued to halt challenges to the eligibility of 6,000 registered voters, a federal judge deemed the challenges frivolous.

A Justice Department complaint alleges misconduct related to minority voting.

State Republican Party leaders are negotiating with election officials to resolve a dispute over what to do about more than 200,000 voters whose registration data don't match other records. The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled against efforts to strike the names from voter rolls, but the issue was raised again in state courts.

Civil rights groups filed suit asking a federal court to order election officials to have on hand emergency paper ballots on election day in the event that a majority of voting machines become inoperable amid record turnout.

A Justice Department complaint alleges misconduct related to minority voting.

Justice Department complaints allege misconduct related to minority voting and disenfranchisement of overseas military voters.

The NAACP sued Gov. Tim Kaine, alleging that the state failed to prepare adequately to accommodate a record increase in voter registrations. The suit asks the federal courts to put the federal government in charge of the election.

A Dane County judge threw out the state attorney general's lawsuit demanding that election officials validate the identities of hundreds of thousands of new voters by election day, ruling that the checks weren't justified by law. An appeal is pending.


LA said...

What is this, 1962?

Scary times indeed.

No on Prop Hate!

SheaNC said...

I am sickened by what they do... he lengths to which they will go to destroy the most fundamentally precious rights of Americans, while they simultaneously wrap themselves in the flag and proclaim themsselves to be patriotically, morally, and spiritually superior.

It sickens me.

Mike V. said...

it's scary times, but let's hope that people getting out there an voting really works.