Friday, October 10, 2008

Racism, fear, hate, mud.. politics

Boy, it's become ugly out there on the regressive side of politics.
The McSame campaign is getting close to needing life support so they are resorting to sad and tired mud-slinging and a wink and a nod to fear and racism.
Here in CA, they are pleading with rubes and bigots and religious freaks to vote for Prop. 8 so gays can't get married. What do you care if your neighbors are a gay couple?

Bigotry and racism are the gutters where the ignorant wallow in their arrested development.
The political "leaders" and campaign staffers that fill the gutters with this slop are the lowest of the low. Hell, even McSame is getting booed at his own events by his hate-filled supporters when he dares to back up a bit and say that Obama is a good man. Sad.

It's gotten so the regressives are so fearful of a change in policy both here and in the Middle East, that they are trying to tie "low income buyers" to the wall street meltdown. Read: The Blacks.
If you think that incentives to get low income people into homes (as stated purely as such) has even a red cent in the big picture to do with the financial troubles we see now, you need an education. Try reading about Mortgage backed securities and Credit Default Swaps some day if you can understand big words..

What's even more sad is that so many people that wallow in these fearful and bigoted gutters are being pissed on in the end by those that are using their hate and ignorance against others.
It's called "voting against your own best interest".
You might want to stop that some day.


Tom Harper said...

I can't believe how many rightwing bloggers and columnists are saying this: that the Wall Street meltdown was caused by banks being forced to lend money to them shiftless lazy colored folk.

The Community Redevelopment Act of 1977 is the wingnuts' favorite scapegoat. Banks were forced to stop redlining, and that's what brought us to this current meltdown. It's those tax-and-spend liberals' faults.

LA said...

Bravo to every word you said. It's INSANE out there, people have lost their minds, not to mention their hearts and souls.

LA said...

BTW, did you see that CRAZY woman at one of McCain's appearances who said Obama's an Arab?

Mike V. said...

I saw that, Lani. Unreal.
There are several videos out there now shot outside a couple rallies that are truly frightening.

SheaNC said...

Eight years of them and their policies and practices, and they've begun to de-evolve. Fun to watch if it wasn't so serious...