Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"there's no fool like an old fool"

I always thought that saying was kind of sad. The implication and all.
I suppose maybe it is.
John McCain is now the definition of that phrase.

As the dog days are upon us and we backslide into the last couple months of the campaign, he's showing what a tired, stupid old fool he really is.
Can't get the Iraq/Iran/Pakistan borders right; doesn't seem to know who the Joint Chiefs might be; and is compelled, of course, to question Obama's patriotism on his war stance.
War stance. Whatever that is.
He also appears to be trying to make sure the Religious White likes him for loving Jeebus. So off to church he goes in AZ. Dickhead.
But over all, this tired old fool is showing why no one should consider voting for him. JJ McSame.
The one time "Maverick". Right.
He should be on the beach in his fucking bermuda shorts relaxing. What kind of dipshit wants to be president at 71 anyway?? A nutcase.

Obama was never my first choice for Prez. That distinction goes to the great Dennis Kucinich. A tireless public servant who works for the people. Working people. Not for the corporate class.
He's the only one that called for single payer universal health care for all.
He's the only one who has TRULY tried to stand up to the criminal Bush regime.
Sadly, it was not to be. I doubt it ever will. Even though most people in this country side with his stances (including his "war stance"), the media will always shun him.

So Obama it is.
Much better choice than McSame.
At least I won't be holding my nose while I vote like I did with Kerry..


Anonymous said...

Problem is, Mike, our "choices" for candidates are still determined by the corporations to whom they are allegiant, which is why Kucinich never stood a chance.

Mike V. said...

I don't disagree at all. And it's sad..

Tom Harper said...

You're wrong about McCain. He doesn't get things mixed up. He's gonna keep a close eye on the Mexico-Pennsylvania border so we can keep them illegal aliens out.

And damnit, we can WIN the Vietnam war. We just have to send in a few more battalions and do a few hundred more bombing raids.

SheaNC said...

Kucinich was my pick, too. Maybe in an alternate universe, things are going our way.

Mike V. said...

I'd like a plane to that universe, if possible. I'll take my wife and the dogs.