Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's this rug I had, it really tied the room together.

Last week, I went to the Lebowski Fest in Louisville, KY.
But, just to add to the fun, we flew first into Nashville for a couple days, with the plan on driving from there to Louisville, then flying back from there.

Nashville is a lot of fun. Great town with lots of friendly people, good food and more live music in more bars than you can shake a stick at.
At which you can shake a stick. Whatever.
Anyway, I stayed out way too late and drank too much booze than I normally would, but it was fun.

The bars are really cool because you can just walk in without cover charge all up and down the places along Broadway to hear different acts.
Including people that normally get paid to play at the Grand Ol' Opry and such.
Nice way to check out all kinds of performers.

It was nice to take a drive over to the Gibson Showcase.
You can play whatever you want from the staggering number of guitars hanging in the store. Everything from cheapo Epiphones to Gibson Custom shop guitars that run into the many thousands of dollars.
FWIW, I played a Black Beauty and a really, really nice playing R6.

The drive from Nashville to Louisville was pretty. The landscape in this part of the country is lovely. And man, oh, man did we have some good BBQ at this place called Jimmy D's in Bowling Green. Wow. Pulled pork cooked over a pit, served on corn cakes with Mac & Cheese and collard greens. Damn, that was good. With southern sweet tea, of course. :)

We caught the movie on Friday night with all the other achievers, stayed up late, then went out and about to Jim Beam and Makers Mark on Saturday.
The Kentucky countryside is truly beautiful. Much more green than I am used to here in San Diego.
Um, did I mention it was hot and humid? Yea, that's takes a bit of getting used to. And by getting used to, I mean that you don't and you change your shirt like 7 times a day.
The bourbon tasting and the touring was a lot of fun.

On a side note, since I talk lots of politics on my blog, I saw WAY more Obama stickers on cars during my travels. And I don't think I saw any BushCheney at all. That was sort of a surprise to me. Then again, maybe not. Who knows?

So, Saturday was happy fun time, bowling with all the other acheivers. Many of them very dressed up for the occation in all kinds of obscure costumes.
I even got a chance to bowl two games, which was nice.
There was all kinds of Dudes, Maudes, toes, and even agression not standing.
There were very few amatuers, thankfully.

Enjoy the photos, and check out all of them, a whole gallery full, over at my domain.

Have a fun week and then some.

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LA said...

Gibson! Awesome!

A friend of mine, a native Californian, went to Vanderbilt for medical school. She didn't stay in Nashville ultimately, but she really enjoyed the 4 years she lived there.

Is there much music besides country in those bars?