Monday, February 11, 2008

Why you shouldn't vote for McCain

I know it's early, but he's going to be the Republican nominee.
No one is going to allow that nutcase Huck(abee)leberry out in front.

Great article on the Chimp today about McCain by Bill Hare.

Some highlights:

"..what about that disgraceful 2000 Republican primary campaign in South Carolina when the forces of George W. Bush, led by Karl Rove, attacked your wife as a harlot, attacked your mental stability, and used stereotypical racism by alleging that you had a “black” daughter

"what happened at the end? You were seen embracing and being embraced by George W. Bush. I have seen that scene repeated many times with the same visceral feeling of disgust being shown by you as your body tightens up and recoils. You know what Bush was responsible for and you detest him for it, but rather than embrace principle and tell him as well as his ruthless organization what you think of them you swallowed your distrust and detestation in the interest of political expediency."

As a matter of fact, this one event makes it so I have no respect at all for McCain.
He allowed himself and his family to be bitch-slapped HARD by a cocksucker like Karl Rove.
Rove would not have properly functioning arms and/or legs had he pulled that crap on me.

McCain was also one of the "Keating Five". Use the googles if you need to.

I don't think that they will give the nomination to Clinton, but if they do, it will be third party for me this year.
Otherwise, I will vote for Obama.
He's a relatively unknown entity, but it's what I know about a corporate whore like Clinton, plus her stated positions on foreign policy that cannot allow me to vote for her.
She and McCain are the same thing.
She's Cheney in a pants suit.


Sar said...

I completely agree. McCain's also featured in this week's Newsweek. They've been featuring each candidate individually for some time now, but his feature is actually pretty scathing.

Karl Rove (doesn't his name sound like someone actually barfing?) was a contributing writer in this same edition. His desperate attempt (though, admittedly, eloquently worded - this is The Architect afterall) to dispell notions that the Republicans don't have their shit together was such sweet reading. Good times, they are a coming!

Speaking of, I get to flex my voter muscle today, and I can't wait!!!

O B A M A !

LA said...

Mike, even though I don't think Clinton will get the nom, if she does, consider voting for her for one reason... the Supreme Court. If another wacked conservative (McCain) is elected, the court will become even more stacked than it already is. It won't be pretty.

Team Barack.

Mike V. said...

that is one thing that bothers me.
we'll see..

SheaNC said...

Way true. I'm from McCain's state, too, and I say you are absolutely correct. 8^)

SheaNC said...

By the way... Howdy, Sar!