Thursday, February 07, 2008

Outlaw presidency.

The contents within the story in the following article from Time Magazine should be enough for any real American citizen to demand that President Bush and his band of scum be forcibly removed from Washington:

New Charges of Gitmo Torture

Anyone that doesn't agree with me can fuck right the hell off.
You do not belong here.
You belong in fucking Stalin's Russia.
Fuck you, and anyone that thinks like you.
Fuck you and your fucking piece of shit president.
Fuck you and your "war on terror".

You are wrong and the reality-based world knows it.
Take your neo-con views of the world and our country and stick them straight up your fucking ass.

The world has had enough of these assholes.
Fuck Pelosi and her "Impeachment is off the table" bullshit.
They are just trying to buy time to get out of office so the next person can clean up their mess.

Impeach Bush and Cheney now!!


IludiumPhosdex said...

As if that weren't awful enough, it's emerged that a high-ranking State of Florida official boasting of connexions with the Governor also happens to be a notorious child pornographer, so raising moral questions (and then some) right there.

And for the GOP especially, what with their professing themselves as the Defenders of Morals and Decency. (Yeah, right!)

Tom Harper said...

By now I'm ready to impeach not just Bush and his puppetmasters, but their Democratic enablers as well. By not protecting the Constitution, they're violating their oath of office with their negligence and spinelessness.

Tell them to grow a spine or get the fuck out of there.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Mike V. said...

I'm with you, man.

You have probably written your reps like I have.
And the mushy mouth bullshit that one gets in reply from these people really make you sick.