Friday, October 19, 2007

My response to my Senator's response.

Her letter below was sent to me when I wrote to her (and others) about impeachment.
What a cop out answer..

I'm sorry, Senator Feinstein, but I cannot possibly agree with your sentiments here.

Impeachment proceedings would be divisive in a sense, yes. However, once the reality of the literal crimes of this administration became widely known through investigations, only the most die-hard supporters of the President and his administration would remain behind them.

The country is already sharply divided, but the majority want 2 things:
1)Our involvement in Iraq to be ended.
2)The Bush administration to truly be held accountable for their actions.

Senator, why is it that you think the congress is polling lower than the worst president in history?
It's because the people do not feel they are being represented.
As angry as they are at the regressive tilt that this nation has taken (note, I said regressive, not conservative, there is a difference), they are even more angry that the needs of the middle class are still being ignored, the oversight of the administration has been clumsy at best and regulation of the worst of the corporate/banking/military industries seems to not even exist.

I'm very proud to be a native of the great state of California. I truly am.
There is no doubt in my mind that we truly have more to offer than any other state in the union should we go by what lies within those 50 boundaries.
I am proud of our technology, our agriculture and our progressive vision(s).
I am proud that our state was the first to send 2 women into the senate and that we are the state from which the speaker of the house hails.
That being said, I do NOT think that I am being heard in the house or the senate. I believe that the majority of Californians feel the same way as do Americans in general.

I know that my one letter is not going to change the world or your view.
But I feel it is not my right, but my obligation to speak my mind to those I have personally elected into office.

Thank you.

Mike wrote:

Dear Mr. V.:
Thank you for your letter concerning impeachment proceedings against President Bush. I appreciate the time you took to write and welcome the opportunity to respond.
In our recent elections, the American people expressed clear disapproval with the path this country was on. They are tired of partisan politics and of an Administration that pays little heed to the wishes of the American people. They want-and deserve-a Congress that holds the Administration accountable and fulfills its Constitutional responsibility to check and balance the Executive. I share this sentiment and am determined to work hard and across party lines in the United States Senate to promote issues that are of real concern to most Americans, including the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, homeland security, global warming, and lobbying and election reform.
At this time, however, I believe that impeachment proceedings against President Bush will only divide the country even further, frustrating our hopes for a meaningful change in direction, while having little chance of success.
I have been deeply disappointed by many of this Administration's actions and have been outspoken in those instances. Nevertheless, given the challenges our country faces I believe that we need to focus on constructive and cooperative steps that would lead us in the right direction.
Again, thank you for your continued correspondence. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact my office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 224-3841. Best regards.

Sincerely yours, Dianne Feinstein
United States Senator

Whatever. Here is a cute picture of our new dog:


Tom Cares said...

If we impeach Bush, such to make Cheney President, we will not have achieved anything.

While impeaching both would be monumental, even I (a 19-year-old State Senate candidate, committed to the 7-month endeavor of defeating Fran Pavley and Lloyd Levine to then serve my state, fighting for the progressive legislation, we desperately need) could think of nothing more futile than endeavoring to compel 16 Republican US Senators to enact a President Pelosi.

I have to agree with Senator Feinstein, that impeachment efforts would be disadvantageously divisive and hinder "constructive and cooperative steps that would lead us in the right direction"

Personally, I believe that if Bush wanted to, for once, experience the execution of an intelligent decision, for the good of his country, his legacy, and his own party, he'd compel Cheney to resign, appoint Mitt Romney as Vice-President, and then resign himself.

Even with someone whom we never elected , America would enjoy an increased sense that we actually have a President, rather than frustration that we have to wait 'til 2008 to have a leader in lieu of a widely-accepted history-blemishing mistake.

The only potential good, I see, that could come from efforts to impeach, is a precedent to deter such destructive executive acts as defrauding America into a senseless war.

However, if we really wanted to be successful, in that goal, there are more-bold, more-constructive things we could do:

If you study how we got into this war, it becomes evident, that our press dropped the ball. We have paid an enormous price, having a crucial element of democratic free society financed, and essentially run by, fast food restaurants and Viagra manufacturers (sponsors).

We should add a publicly-funded press, with the duty of checking our government. It should be directed by a nationally-elected (by popular vote, probably during the midterm) journalist, paid the same salary as the President, with a budget of $1 to 3 Billion per year, to start.

That $1-3 Billion is all we'd have to lose, and is paltry, compared to the painfully evident expense of a poorly-checked government.

Ricardo said...

Love the dog MikeV. But first things first, are you OK? I hear it's really bad over in your neck of the woods with the fires and hope all is well. Stay safe.

Mike V. said...

Damn, man it's unreal. I'm glad I live in the city.
We are hosting friends who were evacuated and their grandparents who live near them are using my hotel room from the conference.
Looks like everything will be good with them, but the smoke would have made it unbearable to stay.

Ricardo said...

WOW! I keep hearing the stories on the news and there's something like 1800 homes destroyed or more. The wind is really bad I hear but it supposed to be dying down later today. I hope so because then they can get this stuff under control. Glad things are OK with you and you're in the city and hope your friends homes will be safe and sound once the smoke clears.

LA said...

Oh hell yes! I love your new doggy! A rescue, I presume?

Good on your for hosting evacuees. I'm about 30 miles from the nearest fire, but the air quality and soot at my house are horrendous. Can't imagine how bad it is up close.

Mike V. said...

He's a rescue and very adorable, but needs some training.
I think my old lab is teaching him the benefits of laying around all day, though.. :)

Dusty said...

DiFi is a DINO..I haven't voted for that bitch in years.

Toad734 said...

It would never actually happen you know. I just say we block every attempt of him trying to do anything that affects any change. He can only do more damage. I like how now, only since his second term, does he actually have a positive net job growth but a meager one at that. The boasted today that we have added 166,000 jobs in October. What they didn't mention is that those were people getting 2nd jobs at Wal-mart because they can no longer afford their mortgage and that Clinton created an average of 2.7 million per month, every year of his presidency.

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