Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, this has been one interesting week here in the Southland.

I started my week on Sunday at a conference here in town (was there starting Sat night).
By Monday morning, we were hearing about the fire getting out of control all over the county.
My wife called from work stating that they were sending everyone home as the offices were close to evacuation areas.
I told her to come get me at the hotel and then we'd go home and bring the doggies inside in case there was too much smoke.

We're in a weird calm spot where we live in the city.

My house faces due south and we're along what would be called the "mid city" area south of mission valley and interstate 8 and north of downtown. We live close to SDSU.

From here, we could see way off in the distance the fires burning in what was billed as the "Harris fire". It grew quite a bit and I woke up around 4am yesterday, looked out that direction and could see the flames climbing over and down Mt. Miguel (the larger hill on the right in this photo. further than it looks due to zoom lens on my friend's Nikon).

Friends of ours that live up in the Poway area got evacuated on Monday as did their parents and grandparents nearby.

I still had a room booked so we sent the grandparents downtown to the hotel with their doggy. Their kids made sure they got in alright, then slept in their motorhome not too far away.
Our friends stayed with us with their two cats and we watched the news.
It's scary stuff.
Then I realized why I do not watch the news on TV: Because the talking heads are all fucking dipshits.

Some asshole on Nightline last night said things like "I'm here at Lake Hodges, which is normally beautiful. But today, you can smell the fires, the smoke and even.. the death." Yes, he did. Earlier he noted that on Tuesday "the sun came up angry". Seriously.
And of course, they need to name everything. This was dubbed "Firestorm 2007!" Ugh.

Also, thank the Lord Almighty that as of Thursday morning, we're hearing that President Bush is on the way! He'll know just what to say to my community!

Anyway, we are VERY thankful because other than stink from the smoke, we have not been affected by the fires.
We are just glad that our friends are safe and we could help them a bit.

It appears that the weather is about to change for the better and an onshore flow like normal will start.

The firefighters were able to start with the air attack of the flames this morning, thankfully.

I hope that this gets under control soon and that people can get back to their lives.
I'm very sad for those that have had their lives turned upside down and wish the best for them..

And of course, thanks so much to all the firefighters and their hard work.
What an amazing group of people.




Tom Harper said...

"The sun came up angry" LOL. Nothing like having to listen to a bunch of bad metaphors during a tragic event.

Good luck with everything.

Mike V. said...

Thanks, Tom.

LA said...

I know a firefighter down at the Harris fire and another one up in Rancho Bernardo. Their wives are sitting on pins and needles. Oh, and I know another guy who is evacuated out of Scripps Ranch. Scary times indeed.

Hang in there, it looks like things are getting better instead of worse. Finally.

BTW, word on dumbass reporters. Did you hear Katie Couric last night? Total moron. No wonder her ratings blow. has some unbelievable photos all the way from Ventura Co to the border.

Mike V. said...

Katie Couric is the poster child for dumbass "reporters".

I hope everything worked out fine for your friends.

Dusty said...

There was a great editorial in the U-T about the bullshit going on between the state and federal government..meanwhile people lost homes..

I just returned last wed from San Diego, visiting my family. two of them were evacuated but thankfully no one lost their homes. I have been freaking out watching the live feeds on the internets..with the sound off usually since I can't deal with the farkwits either.

Sar said...

Dumbass personified with the leader of said group in your area. As if you need more smoke blown your way. Jeesh. Glad you & the family are doing well though.

On a side note, I just noticed your Kucinich banner in your sidebar -- did you see the bit Jon Stewart did on Daily Show about his wife? "Is America really ready for a FILF?" Teehee!

Toad734 said...

I love the upper Midwest, as long as you don't live on a major river, the worst thing you have to deal with is snow. Ill take that over Forest Fires, earthquakes, Hurricanes, mudslides, tornados, tsunamis or any of that shit. Good luck.

Ricardo said...

Are things getting back to normal there? Is everything cool? Looks like the worst has passed.

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