Monday, September 10, 2007

The Petraeus Shuffle

There he was, doing his tap dance for Congress and Daddy (Bush) Warbucks.

I'll just leave it at this:

Petraeus says that by next year, they should be able to bring the troop level down to pre-surge levels.

I have a little secret for you if you haven't been paying attention; they have no choice, the military is BROKEN. They don't have enough men and women to keep the levels up.

What we do have are mercenaries but there was no mention of those high-paid fellows, though.

The tap dance will continue on this fucking boondoggle until the next Prez takes over.

And then what??


Ricardo said...

We have LOADS of mercenaries that have now been called "contractors" by some over in Iraq. Blackwater Security is the company I think. And they are VERY expensive.

Mike V. said...

Oh, yes they are.

I'm sure President Hillary will make it all go away, though..

Tom Harper said...

What, they might start withdrawing some troops down to "pre-surge" levels? But then there'll be a bloodbath :)

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