Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The run up to the election

I know, I know. It's early.
But I'm coming to realize that our only hope in the coming years is going to be who we elect as the next president.
Someone to end the Iraq war, to stop laundering money to the military industrial complex (and others) and a person that supports single payer health care for all.

None of the media-appointed front runners fit our needs.
Not that hack Clinton, not the blow hard Biden, nor the well-meaning Obama and Edwards.
And though there a growing voice in America about the contempt for the current administration, I'm just afraid that congress is going to continue doing nothing as a whole.
I contacted my representative in congress - Susan Davis (D) 53rd, CA - about signing on to HR 33 for the impeachment of Cheney and further about the need to impeach Bush and remove Rice.
To paraphrase, she said that "we'll just have to agree to disagree". That's a cop out in my mind.

The candidate that all progressives need to support is Dennis Kucinich.
A powerful, popular and (God forbid) electable Kucinich scares the crap out of the corporate elite and anyone like them.
His values, however are shared by a majority of Americans.
It's time to elect a true peace candidate and one that stands for policies that move our country in a positive direction for all. Not just the plutocrats.

People love his wife and hate his ill-fitting suits.
The media thinks he's an old hippie and not really worth the time.
I think he is worth the time.
The time is now for a populist that supports collective bargaining and wants to put an end to the trade policies and practices that have destroyed millions of manufacturing jobs in the U.S.
It's time for rebuilding our infrastructure and putting our weight behind quality public education for all.
I don't think I have to restate this here, but our nation cannot continue down this road much longer where only 5 percent of the people living here are doing well.
Blog, write and support the best person for the job.


Tom Harper said...

Kucinich needs an image consultant to give him more pizazz so the American public will notice him. He needs a liberal counterpart to Karl Rove, somebody who can come up with a few dazzling soundbites that will motivate millions of liberals to get out and vote.

The neocons did it with "gay marriage!" and "cut and run!" Now it's our turn.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Ricardo said...

This is why I love ya MikeV. Kucinich is da man! But Tom is right, he does need some pizazz for people to take notice.