Thursday, September 20, 2007

Countdown Special Comment: The President Of Hypocrisy

As usual, Olbermann crystallizes the reality of the Bush administration..
Bush administration and reality; I know, it doesn't really fit.
Anyhow, Olbermann goes there and further.

I think it's hilarious that Bush has the balls to complain about the MoveOn ad in the NY Times.
This is the guy that had Karl Rove working for him.
These are the swiftboat guys. The ones that smeared Max Cleland, a guy who lost 3 limbs in war.
These are the chickenhawks that went after one of their own in McCain. Of course, he came back for more for some reason.

Enjoy the following 6 minutes:


Tom Harper said...

Yup, that's pretty ironic that the Rovians and Swiftboaters are complaining about that MoveOn ad.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Mike V. said...

Olbermann really gets it right.
As usual.