Monday, September 24, 2007

America works best when we say union yes!

My household supports labor, and this week, my support goes out to the UAW.

What’s that quote from Usual Suspects? “The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing people he doesn’t exist.”
Sort of like the rethugs. The greatest trick they ever pulled was convincing working people that unions and collective bargaining were bad things.

I cannot believe the number of working class Americans that do not support organized labor.

Where in the FUCK do they think their (dwindling) rights, benefits and wages in the work place come from?
The arguments that I hear from them are varied, and all of them wrong.
Hey, they can buy Tide for 50 cents less in Wal Mart. Great.
Meanwhile, they are helping to drive down wages and benefits all over this country.

Corporate America does not care about America. They care ONLY for the bottom line.
They are ANTI-American.
That’s why we have poison Chinese toys and food.
That’s why we have outsourced labor.
It’s not because of “globalization”. It’s for the BOTTOM LINE and that’s it.


Dusty said...

As a former Union member, I support them too. If it wasn't for the Union movement, most of our labor laws wouldn't exist. But don't tell the asshats that..they still want to be able to rant about how fucked up unions are.

Mike V. said...

I will never understand working people against working people.
It's their pigs' dream come true, though.

Tom Harper said...

Go unions. I read that GM says the strike won't hurt the company as long as the strike is short. Well, that's the answer. Let's hope the strike goes on and on. We can't let unions slip away and fall through the cracks. Without them, we'd still be working 7 days a week with no lunch or break periods, no vacations, no recourse against a shitty supervisor...