Monday, June 11, 2007

Fade to black

Lots of hoopla over the last episode of the Sopranos Sunday night.
No big Hollywood ending. Everyone wants some sort of "payoff".

These are the same dopes who would complain on Monday if no one got whacked Sunday night.
In other words, they didn't get the show to begin with and were not really fans.

It was the greatest show in the history of TV and now it's over. That's all I'm sad about.
It was just like any other episode, only this was the last one.
We've already been through a whole ton of drama including Tony almost getting it. The show as a whole, from start to finish was always ABOUT the drama/story.
The show didn't start with Tony's family coming to America and then show the rise of the Sopranos.
It started in the middle, and it ended in the middle.
My hat's off to HBO and Chase. It was a great 8 years.

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SheaNC said...

I'll betcha they're going to offer a DVD with the promise: "Buy the Special Edition DVD and see what you missed... THE REST OF THE ENDING!"

Yes, I have just predicted the future.