Monday, April 02, 2007

Abu Golzales and the Purge = Bush's Watergate break-in?

Over at the Smirking Chimp, there was an OpEd posted by Larry Beinhart.

It's a good read and very interesting.

Because the title of my post is pretty much was he's insinuating there.
That it would certainly be possible that an un-doing of the Prez. could come from the actions of his Consigliare, Abu Gonzales.

Some quotes:

The attorney general takes an oath to uphold the constitution and execute the law. When controversial matters come up his role, traditionally, is often to be the guy who says, we can't do that, it's against the law.

Gonzales took a different approach. He brought the ethics of a corporate lawyer to his office.

Gonzales and his legal team came up with the theory the Geneva Conventions don't apply to opponents in the War on Terror. Neither does domestic law. Indeed, nothing applies. They invented a category of person who has no rights. Even if they're American citizens.

Gonzales came up with the astonishing theory that the Constitution doesn't give people the automatic right to habeas corpus, it only says that if they happen to have it, it can't be taken away.

Gonzales was also the architect of the legal theory that 'permits' the NSA - and now we know, the FBI, and probably other agencies yet to be discovered - to spy on US citizens without warrants.

The trial of breadcrumbs goes right down the hall and into the Oval Office.

It would be funny (in a sad way. well, not like a sad clown, something more like sad irony) if the purge/political firings of these lawyers DID in fact pave the way for impeachment.

It is amazing, the little things that open the biggest can 'o worms.
Zillions of other people have said it, but you cannot just say it enough: Nixon has to be rolling over in his grave wonder WHAT the fuck Bush has to do to get impeached..


Tom Harper said...

By now I think almost everybody is also wondering "WHAT the fuck Bush has to do to get impeached."

I hope this latest scandal is Bush's undoing, but he's had so many scandals in 6 years and he's still there. He's got more teflon than Reagan; more lives than a cat.

J. Marquis said...

They said they'd run the government like a business...unfortunately, they never said it would be Enron.