Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Drama of the Bush Administration

Drama on TV and in the movies draws the largest audiences and makes up the bulk of what is on the little and big screen. Well, that and bad "reality" shows (whatever that is).

The best drama still on TV - though not for long - is the Sopranos. The best dramatic stories all have one thing in common: it's never really about what it's "supposed to be" about. The Sopranos has nothing to do with the Mafia or Italian Americans. It's about the story. This guy with a crazy job as head of a major crime family, with a dysfunctional family and all that goes with it; not the least of which, visits to the shrink and mommy issues.

Jaws wasn't about a shark, it was about Brody, Hooper and Quint the characters. Amadeus was not about Mozart, it was about faith, envy, failure and redemption. You get the idea.

Bush and his consigliare Abu Gonzales, Rove and the whole gang sure have provided us with a lot of drama over the last 6 years. They loved to make sure everyone was wringing their hands over the islamofascists . And while people were looking away, they made a mockery of 600 years of legal tradition AND our Constitution, looted the treasury for the military industrial complex and oversaw the largest expansion of the federal government EVER. Along with tax cuts for the most wealthy among us, of course.

The real drama is finally unfolding a bit before our eyes. The lying, the law-breaking and the looting of the treasury are getting the attention needed. To an extent.
I've often thought that Bush was a big dummy. He certainly comes off as one.
Now I'm not so sure. With his boosters from PNAC, they have overseen the largest wealth transfer our country has ever seen.

So while Bush has always told everyone he is the "war president" what he really is/was has become a lot more clear. A good old fashioned patsy.


J. Marquis said...

I think some really fascinating stuff will be uncovered after Bush leaves office. What we know about right now is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

LA said...

I cannot wait for history to judge him!