Monday, February 05, 2007

Maybe the world is meant to be a matriarchal society..

I mean think about it a little bit.

Little boy is growing up, takes a big stick and starts swinging it around at things. Mom says, hey, don't swat everything in sight. Take this book or take this Tonka truck and do something constructive.

Look here and look at the middle east.
Neo-cons swing their dicks at the middle east.
Nutso's in Afghanistan and elsewhere make the women stay barefoot and burqa'd.
Hell, if it wasn't for our own constitution, lord only knows how backward we might be given all the religious and uber-macho weirdos we have. Well, at least we still have Habeas Corpus. Oh, wait..

If only someone other than Ms. Clinton was running for Prez..


blog Portland said...

Sort of like the Da Vinci Code... but with more politics.

Kurt said...

Our nutsos are just as bad as the Muslim's. Wait, that sounded dirty...

Tom Harper said...

Yup, Habeus Corpus RIP. I watched "Good Night and Good Luck" last night, about the showdown between Edward R. Murrow and Joseph McCarthy. Lots of parallels between 1950s McCarthyism and Bush/Cheney's paranoia. But Murrow mentioned Habeus Corpus in the movie, and that's one parallel we don't have any more.

Mike V. said...

Da Vinci Code with Clinton as Mary Magdeline.. :)

Kurt, you lost me!

Kick ass movie, Tom. Really liked it.