Thursday, February 01, 2007

Call to arms

In the run-up to the "new and improved" war in Iraq, we must NOT forget the run-up to a war with Iran.

Bush and Cheney have completely lost their minds.
The fuse that our country lit through the invasion and occupation in Iraq is burning fast enough. Bombing Iran or "drawing" us into a confrontation with them (through our proxy, Israel) would be the straw that broke the camel's back. As it were.

There are some things at work here that a lot of people are seeing. Not the least of which are the shia death squads that our own propped up prime minister is allowing. Pretty sweet that we got rid of a dictator only prop up a Shiite theocracy.

Think on this: How long will it be before the Sunni Saudis start arming the Sunni insurgents in Iraq? Do you think that Bush would have the balls to go to his masters and say "stop"?
Does Bush even get the irony in all this? I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

The longer the warring continues, the longer the Bushites can claim the need for plenary powers. The longer the warring continues, the more of our young people die so we can throw money at the military industrial complex machine. How's your stock this week, Dickie?

We bomb Iran, they strike at oil targets, the price of crude hits 200 dollars (as worthless as our particular currency is becoming thanks to Bush) and ... hell, maybe Exxon will post even MORE record profits and Halliburton will be able to sell the Army more of those tasty 50 dollar cases of soda.. Gee, I might be on to something.

Now go read this column by Paul Craig Roberts.


LA said...

Off Topic:

The fuck? Rush Limbaugh has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!

I'm going to nominate my cat's litter box. The content is basically the same as Limbaugh's radio show.

Mike V. said...

wow, I just found the story online.

I love this quote:

"Rush Limbaugh is the foremost advocate for freedom and democracy in the world today,"

That's the fucking funniest thing I have read all day..

Matt Vella said...

on the sunni's being funded by the saudis - there's already evidence to indicate that they are already being funded by them.

gj bush.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Hmmmm you do know that we get 0% of our oil from Iran.

Look I agree we've already got enough fish on the fryer, but frankly Iran is doing a very good job of stirring the pot themselves. It's not like they are extending olive branches of peace or anything. The Useless Nations has done nothing, while this guy is down there building nukes (look at Kimmy Kins, who "just wanted nuclear power" he's got nukes).

You could ignore him, but look at what Clintoons ignoring Bin Bollocks got us. Ya know.

Mike V. said...

well aware we get none from them, but:
1: they have oil on the world market.
2: they could strike at OTHER targets.