Saturday, December 02, 2006

Finally home! New photos

That are on my domain page over here (tons of them here!)

Also up on my flickr page which can be found here.

Couple of them to the right.

I have about 500 photos to sort through and I'm just about half way done just looking through to see what to keep, then later crop, etc..

What I will eventually do is make up a full gallery page or more and then link it here.

We had a WONDERFUL time in Prague. It's an amazing city.
The people were really nice. They seem to be enjoying their post-USSR life, that's for sure.

The city is colorful and historic and almost too much to soak in for just a week.
You could spend more time there for sure.

Walking around Prague you are overcome with a sense of the history and with a little reading, you realize just how much has happened in this little corner of Bohemia over the last 1000 years..

Oh, the beer. Most of the local pubs are branded so there is usually a couple different kinds, and only from one brew house.
We found that we liked the Staropramen and the Kroslovice the best.
It's all very fresh and very cheap in all the pubs. I'd say that you average a buck and a half USD for a half liter glass of beer in the local watering holes. Sometimes you can even get a full liter for that.

You can get any kind of food you want while in Prague. It's a metropolitan city. But I figured it would be best to stick to local favorites or that which is influenced by such.
Lots of slow cooked pork and beef dishes.

I'm so happy that we were able to make this trip happen.
And, to top it off, we missed all the stupid "black friday" crap that I get tired of hearing every year.. :)


Tom Harper said...

Welcome home. Excellent pictures; I've been following your trip.

Steve Landis said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself, Mike. Welcome back to the 'new' political landscape we helped create last month. I for one have laid low these last few weeks, trying to 'detox' just a bit.

As to Prague, my aunt and her company were among the first into the nation after the bonds of communism were lost. Their claim to fame is to have started the first public television station in the country. Good stuff. She's been in and around Europe for years now and only visits her crazed homeland about once a year.

Looking forward to seeing the pictures and to a better year of politics.


LA said...

Hi Mike! Welcome home. Glad to hear you enjoyed your adventure. I really enjoyed your photos. :)

Mike V. said...

thanks, guys.
that was one fun trip.
hard to get back to reality, now.. :)

Toad734 said...

I must go