Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blog break, see you on the other side of 2006. Semi-summary of the year.

After coming home from the week and a half vacation, catching up with work and the news, I realized that I really don't have too much time to make 4 or 5 additions to my blog a week.
Plus, my wife and I are practicing guitar together and taking a lesson a week, so that eats into time too, but in a good way.
Also, we'll be traveling again between Christmas and the New Year.

So, that being said, it's been an interesting year for sure.
Looks like Gates (he of Iran-Contra fame) will be a shoe-in to replace Rummy.
Whether or not he can talk sense to the senseless Chimp in Chief or not remains to be seen.
Bush appears to be quite insane at this point. Iraq is in a full-blown civil war and like George Will pointed out this week, it's not even like a regular civil war where we can pick a side and fight. We're fucked either way. Although he didn't use the f-word..

We need to pressure our new congressheads to start with real oversight and investigations into everything from Iraq war shenanigans to wiretapping.

Afghanistan was to clear the way for the Unocal pipeline and Iraq was to secure the oil fields for Exxon/Mobile, Shell and BP.
We know that now. All we can hope for is future war crime charges for a whole lotta neo-clowns.
The "Islam-fascist" bogyman has worked well for the Bushies. They kept the country scared through 2005 into 2006.

The regressives and the neo-cons have dug us into a deep hole with the blessing of a corrupt congress and we need to dig out of it.
Hopefully sometime before the middle east completely explodes and the entire world gets the idea that the dollar is not quite worth that 8.5 trillion dollar debt attached to the backside.

So as the year comes to an end, we can be thankful for change so far and hope for a good 2007.
Handcuffs for some would be nice.

I might have some time for some photo-blogging or what-have-you, but either way, I wish great holidays for all and for those that can (and that's probably most of us fooling around on blogger) take some of your time and money and help out some people and animals in need. Then make it a regular thing.
Enjoy your friends and families and not consuming for the sake of consuming. Ipods and PS3's, I mean. By all means, have some pie! And by pie, I don't mean searching the internets for Britney Spears pussy.

Oh yea, and guess what this time of year means!! >>



Sar said...

Thanks for a year of informative and charged posts, Mike. Looking forward to more next year.

Enjoy the break & peace right back at ya.

SheaNC said...

Mike, you're practicing guitar!? The bass player in me says, "Right on! Someday we'll have to jam!"

Mike V. said...

yea, both of us are practicing.
i bought my wife a 3/4 size Ibanez and an Epi Les Paul Standard model electr. for myself.
having lots of fun.

I appreciate the both of you blogger buddies!

Brad said...

Good to see you back! Rock some good tunes with the lady.

Tom Harper said...

Enjoy your break for the rest of the year. See you in January and we'll go back to kicking some wingnut ass.

Dusty said...

Mike, enjoy yourself and your is too short for many of us, and we must take advantage when we can.

Peace in 07 !