Monday, October 16, 2006

Temping Faith (the book, not the apple) and the "social conservatives"

So you may or may not have heard about this one.

60 Minutes did a thing about David Kuo's book last night in which he basically said that the Bush Administration (meaning Rove) used the Crazed Christian Reich as a means to an end.

I gotta say, that's not exactly shocking, is it?

I mean, these assholes all went to the same schools that they say are part of the "liberal elite" or "intellectual elite" and are not dummies.

You think Rove doesn't laugh his ass off at all the dumb fucking rubes in the fly-over states??
The rest of us do, of course, and you know damn well they get more than a few chuckles out of fooling the rednecks and Jebus freaks to vote against their best interests.

So long as they hate the fags and the ragheads, right?

From the story:

"Specifically, Kuo says people in the White House political affairs office referred to Pat Robertson as "insane," Jerry Falwell as "ridiculous," and that James Dobson "had to be controlled."

Well, at least they get something right, even if..

He also went on to claim that Bush never really funded his Faith Based Initiative.

"This message that has been sent out to Christians for a long time now: that Jesus came primarily for a political agenda, and recently primarily a right-wing political agenda - as if this culture war is a war for God. And it’s not a war for God, it’s a war for politics. And that’s a huge difference," says Kuo

Asked how much money finally went to them, Kuo says laughing, “Oh, in the first two years, first two years I think $60 million.”

Now, where have we seen that movie before?


Anonymous said...

Ha-ha, here's more:

Manny said...

I don't really care about the name-calling, it's the politics-for-money scam that upsets me.

Mike V. said...

I think the name calling is funny, but that's my inner 8th grader laughing.
I also think it's funny (in a sad way) that it's so easy to dupe a whole swath of the land.

LA said...

Color me not the least bit surprised.

Mike - did you hear a judge has vacated the Kenneth Lay conviction? Dateline: Houston.

Mike V. said...


I hope the government skull fucks him somehow!

JollyRoger said...

In Jesusistan, I doubt they even know this book exists.

It's not on the Archbishop Rove/Cardinal MEhlman list of approved books. You can only find titles from Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly, and Limbaugh on that list (books by Woodward recently made the "Jesus Hates" list and are no longer available.)

Tom Harper said...

I'm glad this book is out, but I don't know how much effect it'll have on the Biblethumper vote. If those clowns haven't figured out by now that they were just being used, they never will.