Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mailer in Orange County, CA targets immigrants

Thanks to my man Tom, he found an update on this story over at MSNBC.
Looks like some Grand Old Pedophiles in Orange County ARE in fact behind this little scam.
What a bunch of fucking cocksuckers. Motherfuckers.
Rot in fucking hell, scumbags.
I mean, party of values.

Ah, the OC. Like an Aryan dream, it is.

Attorney General Bill Lockyer here in California is investigating a mass mailer
that warned Latino voters about the illegality of immigrants voting.

The OC Register has an article about it online.

From the article:

"most of the mailers are being received in Garden Grove, which is center stage in the hotly contested race for the 34th State Senate District. That race – long a Democratic stronghold in central Orange County – recently saw Republicans narrow registration margins making the district a virtual tie between registered Republicans and Democrats."


I wonder who could be behind something like that? They must be having a hard time figuring out ways to steal votes in that district because of a lack of Diebold machines or something.

Got themselves down to Kinkos or whatever (is there a printer that specializes in work for fascists?) and made themselves up a mailer.

In all seriousness, I hope the AG figures out who the hell is behind this crap and they get their asses handed to them.

BTW, you can click on the picture there to see more of that guy's art.
I found that on the internets this morning when searching Google for Orange County under images. Pretty sweet.


People in the Sun said...

I think I remember something like that being done in 2004, where black people were threatened they'll get prosecuted if they try to vote after being arrested in the past.

You just have to hope these are the dying attempts of a doomed political party.

Mike V. said...

In the OC? I wouldn't doubt it.

They are a doomed party now, I suppose.
The Republican party as it now manifests itself is 100 percent against everything that makes this great country.

Fuck them.
Fuck Bush, fuck the whole lot of the neo-clowns.
And if the Dems take back congress this year and don't get their shit together, get us the fuck out of Iraq, roll back the rediculous tax cuts, etc.., then fuck them, too.
Vote the whole bunch of them out and replace them with true populists.

LA said...

I have to say, I hate living in Orange County.

Diane said...

Don't plan to move to SD County either - they just passed making it illegal to rent to illegal immigrants. The ordinance requires landlords to hand over documentation on their tenants' immigration status to city authorities and evict illegal immigrant tenants or face penalties including suspension of their business licenses and fines.

Mike V. said...

that was the city of Escondido, not the county itself, actually.

Tom Harper said...

These dirty tricks will be getting more and more common between now and November 7th. Authorities need to crack down on every one of these schemes. The wingnuts will stop at nothing.

Tom Harper said...

I just saw this on MSNBC.

Mike V. said...

thanks for the update, Tom.
as you (and others, I hope) can see, I updated this post (with plenty of profanity because I am having a bad day), and noted it at the top in a new post as well.

Diane said...

BTW - is ex-convict Scott Baugh allowed to vote?

People in the Sun said...

I'm glad it got the attention it deserves.

At least for a while, it was front page on Yahoo! but it has now been replaced by a new GOP scandal about leaked FBI data... can't they give us one day without a scandal?

Mike V. said...

yea, the scandals are coming fast and furious, now.