Friday, October 27, 2006

OH and VA GOP really hate America. That much we know.

Well, we have already known all about Ken Blackwell and his anti-American behavior in OH for the 2004 election, but he's not done, of course.

He's up to his old tricks again.

some snippets:

This year Blackwell will count the votes in his own race for governor, in the crucial U.S. Senate race between GOP incumbant Mike DeWine versus Congressman Sherrod Brown, and in a number of cricital House races hotly contested for the first time in years.

Blackwell is now imposing restrictive voter ID requirements aimed at crippling his opponents. Passed by the Republican legislature, these strictures aim to eliminate from the 2006 vote count tens of thousands of mostly poor and black-and thus mostly Democratic-voters who cannot or will not obtain the required identification cards.

The Free Press has further learned that even at this early date, some ten percent of absentee votes are being trashed by Blackwell's BOEs.

But Democratic sources in the Ohio Board of Elections have confirmed to the Free Press that about 10% of the absentee ballots cast so far are being rejected because of a technicality involving obscure driver's license numbers demanded on the ballot. Ohio driver's licenses contain two separate numbers: an eleven-digit number above the photo, and a much smaller eight character license number that begins with two alpha-numeric characters, followed by six numbers. It is the eight-character license number the BOEs demand on the absentee ballot. But many Ohio voters don't know that, and are using the wrong number---and thus having their ballot invalidated.

And in Virginia, there was a voting box "glitch" that screwed up Webb's name on the touch screens. Whoops..

Per the article:

The AP is also reporting, "Jean Jensen, secretary of the Virginia State Board of Elections, pledged to have the issue fixed by the 2007 statewide elections." How generous of her, to have the "issue" fixed by next year! In the mean time, unsuspecting voters, in these three cities, will show up on Election Day and not even find the name "Webb" on the ballot summary screen or be able to find Jim Webb’s party affiliation

Why DOES the GOP hate our country so much??
Sick fucks. The whole lot of them..


Brad said...

To be honest, that glitch in Virginia is only on the confirmation page, once the vote has been cast. But for God's sake, they can't get it fixed despite knowing about it two weeks before? Incredible.

JollyRoger said...

Blackwell hasn't figured out yet that it isn't going to save him.

In a few days, he will. I just hope he doesn't save DeWino.

Ricardo said...

Love the second picture MikeV, LOL!

Mike V. said...

yea, I found that one and had to use it. too funny.

citizen shelly said...

I hope you don't mind I'm going to borrow the Apes for Cheney picture.
: )

The GOP doesn't hate their country, they hate everyone living in it.

Mike V. said...

borrow away, I found that on google images, so I borrowed it as well.. :)

Diane said...

Have you also seen the reports on the ads run by the RNC against Ford in Tennessee basically implying he sleeps with white women, so vote against him? Un-friggin-believable - have they no shame?