Friday, October 27, 2006

Flashback for a Friday. Classic Bowie.

One of his best songs from one of the greatest music artists of all time.
Filmed WAY back in '72.


LA said...

Good stuff, Mike.

That hairstyle changed the look of young people forever. We actually probably have Bowie to blame for inspiring the mullet, but we have so much more to thank him for, that I'll let it pass.

(my verification word is "enuff," so I'll take the hint and close my pie hole now.)

Mike V. said...

actually, we have bowie, mick ronson AND iggy pop to blame for that.
probably the latter even more so.
he inspired bowie a lot.
do a you tube search for bowie and iggy pop. there's a performance of them on the dinah shore show circa '75.
god, I remember my mom watching that show!

Diane said...

I saw Bowie about 2 years ago at the Arrowhead Pond, and he is still amazing!

OMG - the Dinah Shore show . . . and remember that Burt Reynolds was supposed to be her much younger boyfriend? And then he posed for a centerfold in Cosmo?

p.s. check out the concert rider for Iggy Pop at the Smoking Gun - it's friggin' hllarious

Mike V. said...

oh, man, that shit is funny.
I'm reading it now:

I like this line:

Guitar (clear and bright like the sound of jackboots upon wet cobblestones)

Ricardo said...

Let the music play MikeV. This is classic stuff.