Monday, October 09, 2006

Lord, it gets so damn good, don't it??

Could it get any worse for the rethugs?

Hell, we're barely over the hump for the week and they're all these great stories and OpEd's to read.
Their failures are to the damage of our great nation, but at least more and more is coming out.

As we all collectively hold our noses to their stench.

Habeas Corpus Rest in Peace: 1215-2006

crooks and liars (Schieffer laughs at Foley defender)

paul craig roberts on the jobs report

dems big lead

george will on "virture" with the rethugs

Bush and co. FUBAR on korea. Rummy sells weapons to them 6 years ago

Terror war double standard. From the Bushies? I'm shocked!


Diane said...

That is the most reasonable George Will has ever sounded . . .

LA said...

I think Arnold is going to be re-elected, unfortunately.

Carl Osgood said...

What I can't figure out is, why anyone honestly thought they should've been running the country in the first place.

SheaNC said...

Unfortunately, I think la is right.

Mike V. said...

I'd take 20 years of Arnold running our state if that meant never having to have had Bush around..

Diane said...

Arnold's victory was assured when the CAL Dems endorsed their long time inside boy, Angelides, instead of Westly, who could have won.

I may vote Green party this election.

Ricardo said...

Not only is the news fantastic, the blog LOOKS fantastic!! Nice work my friend.

Mike V. said...

Hey, thanks, man.
I am using the new Blogger Beta and I tweaked the HTML a little bit.
I like it, too.

Peace out, have a great weekend.