Thursday, September 14, 2006

Senate to Bush: F - YOU!

Well, at least they grew some balls, although small ones because they are only saying that the law is the law. Not really that much ground to stand..

But, at least it's something: From the AP, Senate panel defies Bush on terror

Retired General Powell sez: that Bush's bill, by redefining the kind of treatment the Geneva Conventions allow, "would add to those doubts. Furthermore, it would put our own troops at risk."

But, of course Tony the Snow Job sez Powell "was confused about the White House plan."

Of course he is, Tony! Why would Powell know anything?
I guess he is an America-hating, terrorist-lover.

I guess it's sort of sad when we get all choked up when our government actually says from one branch to another, "hey, we have a check on you, and you have to obey the law."
But then we have to listen to some of the Rethugs who call "soft on terrorism" or some such shit like that.
Why DOES the Bush administration hate our service men and women so much that they would put them in even worse danger of bad treatment by treating those we capture so poorly?

BTW, things are going so awesome in Iraq, that Iraqi security forces will dig trenches around Baghdad.
Last throes! They are on the run! Flowers and candy!


Landcomm1 said...

Bush clearly doesn't care about the law or whether he continues to place our brave men and women in harm's way. Although it seems less likely he's going to get his way with regard to ghe GC, it is looking as if his domestic surveillance run is bound to be legalized, regardless of the fact it is technically illegal now. The bastard needs to go to Jail!

Mike V. said...

It would be a grand day to see the Shrub hauled off to Leavenworth in shackles...

Grandma said...

The sooner we can get the little "Hitler" out of the way the better!!!!!

Oskar Syahbana said...

"Of course he is, Tony! Why would Powell know anything?
I guess he is an America-hating, terrorist-lover."

LOL, I can't stop laughing!