Friday, August 25, 2006

Senator Biden has a plan for Iraq

What do the rethugs inside of BushCo have? Stay the course? Fight them over thar, do we don't have to fights them over here?

Yea, that seems to be working really well.

In a followup OpEd in the Washington Post, Biden quantifies again the plan that he and Les Gelb (president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations) have on Iraq.

The 5 points I will share with you here. I encourage you to hit the link above and read the entire thing.

We've all seen Biden over the years here and there being a senior senator. Sometimes, he comes off as quite an asshole. But you know what? Sometimes we need a good and very smart asshole running things that does not sugarcoat his words and is plain spoken.
Not plain spoken like the fucking dumbass pretend hick from Crawford now wasting space in the Oval Office, but someone that really has ideas and thoughts. Besides riding a fucking bike.

5 points on Iraq:

First, the plan calls for maintaining a unified Iraq by decentralizing it and giving Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis their own regions. The central government would be left in charge of common interests, such as border security and the distribution of oil revenue.

Second, it would bind the Sunnis to the deal by guaranteeing them a proportionate share of oil revenue. Each group would have an incentive to maximize oil production, making oil the glue that binds the country together.

Third, the plan would create a massive jobs program while increasing reconstruction aid -- especially from the oil-rich Gulf states -- but tying it to the protection of minority rights.

Fourth, it would convene an international conference that would produce a regional nonaggression pact and create a Contact Group to enforce regional commitments.

Fifth, it would begin the phased redeployment of U.S. forces this year and withdraw most of them by the end of 2007, while maintaining a small follow-on force to keep the neighbors honest and to strike any concentration of terrorists.

I like his ideas quite a bit.
I like the fact that he has a plan to do something other than stay with the failed policy we have now. Check out Biden's website when you can.


Landcomm1 said...

Seems sensible to me, Mike. As I continue to note, the war was wrong however, now that we are there, we need to make things right. Biden's plan to decentralize Iraq may not go far but it would certainly be better than the centralized chaos in place today!


Mike V. said...

I like Biden, I always have. Even when I was a young republican in highschool and college oh those many years ago.

I think he's frank and well spoken.
Last time he was on meet the press or whatever show it was on a Sunday morning, he was able to lay something like this out very quickly, easily and right off the top of his head. He knows his shit and is very clear.

Plus, he's not completely batshit like the president, so that helps..

Landcomm1 said...

Yeah, I prefer batshit to be limiited to my Mini Schnauzer, not the president!