Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Get Bush another guitar so he can fiddle while the world crumbles

Ah, the war on terriers. Not quite working out the way it was supposed to in the BushCo world, though he's quick to point out that we're making progress. In his mind.

While the media bombards us with news of JonBenet and Tom Cruise, we are closing in in 3000 US service people dead in Iraq, thousands more horribly wounded and the violence in the country is getting worse.

Stay the course, Bush said again on Monday.
Bush opined:

You know, I've heard this theory about everything was just fine until we arrived, and kind of "we're going to stir up the hornet's nest" theory. It just doesn't hold water, as far as I'm concerned. The terrorists attacked us and killed 3,000 of our citizens before we started the freedom agenda in the Middle East.

(note, great buzz-words "freedom agenda" whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean)

From the peanut gallery:

Q: What did Iraq have to do with that?

Prez: What did Iraq have to do with what?

Q: The attack on the World Trade Center?

Prez: Nothing (note, you dumbass, you just said "The terrorists attacked us and killed 3,000 of our citizens before we started the freedom agenda in the Middle East."), except for it's part of -- and nobody has ever suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack. Iraq was a -- the lesson of September the 11th is, take threats before they fully materialize....Nobody has ever suggested that the attacks of September the 11th were ordered by Iraq.

Really? Is he going to go with that?
We all know the record, it's on tape and it's in the papers what they said.
They tried to tie Iraq to 9-11 from the get go.

We all know that Iraq was planned from the start, and they were waiting for their own Pearl Harbor. PNAC said so (see page 63 of this PDF, then check out their scary web page).

We have squandered hundreds of millions of dollars and their so-called war on terror isn't working.
Rather than take the aftermath of 9-11 and work with the world community to put a stop to these kinds of nuts, they decided instead to secure the oil fields of Mesompotamia.

We could have worked with other countries in real ways using law enforcement.
"Building democracy" from war planes is not going to stop crazies.
And this week it was announced that more Marines will be "involuntarily recalled". Nice term.

We're sure good at shoveling money into the pockets of war-profiteers, though.
How about them Taliban in Afghanistan, huh? We've sure shown them..

On the home front, the jobs report is crap again. Not a shock.
As Paul Craig Roberts pointed out this week:

The July report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists 113,000 new jobs, all of which are in services.
"Leisure and hospitality" accounted for 42,000 jobs, most of which are waitresses and bar tenders.
"Education and health services" accounted for 24,000 jobs.
"Professional and business services" accounted for 43,000.
Manufacturing lost another 15,000 jobs.

Oh, and don't forget, Ned Lamont supporters in CT are moonbats that want to the terrorists to win.

One other thing, many thanks to the people over at the Hightower Lowdown who made this awesome poster of the Bush Failure in color AND in B&W! Grab your favorite here.


Tom Harper said...

Iraq 9/11 Saddam bin Laden Al Qaeda Liberals Terrorists

Hey, I never said Iraq was connected to 9/11, what are you talking about?

Mike V. said...

oh, and we're fighting those "Islamofascists", doncha know?

whatever that means..

Diane said...

I read a scary poll last week that says 50% of Americans still think there were WMDs in Iraq - thanks to the Fox News machine and BushCo

Matt Vella said...

America will not wake up and smell the Kool Aid until it is well into disaster territory for their pocketbooks.

Until then, Cheetos, Fox News, Tom Cruise and the next great serial killer.

gawfer said...

Please don't forget, they (the terrorists and those countries that support terrorism) brought the fight to us. We as a country arrogantly ignored them for several years while they schemed, and then they came.

We are still in the fight. Not because we sought the fight, but because they brought it. War sucks, but is sometimes necessary.

Go Navy!

Diane said...

gawfer - which is why no one complains about the war against Al Qaeda (sp?)in Afghanistan. Even though it is this enemy that still poses the threat as demonstrated by the recent airline plot, that war has been ignored in favor of Bush's obsession with Saddam and Iraq, a war we were lead into under false pretenses.

Mike V. said...

gawfer, your simplistic understanding and limited knowledge of what goes on in the world is just one reason why we are so screwed up right now.
I encourage you to do a google search about the counter-terrorism prior to Bush taking office.
I encourage you to THINK about what I said. That this war and the money flushed down the toilet could have been used to fight real terrorism. To secure our ports better.

This quagmire that we are involved in Iraq made it worse and will bankrupt this country.
This is the Vietnam of this decade.

Landcomm1 said...

As the piece I submitted to the LA Times & BringItOn! notes, this is not the Vietnam of this decade. Rather, it is a replay of Afghanistan in the 1980's. Rather than our supporting the Mujahideen to overthrow the USSR, Iran is supporting the Al Mahdi militia for the overthrow of America in Iraq. This is not fiction. This is happening before our nation’s collective eyes. Is it any wonder the Iraq war is “straining the psyche of our country”?

EW1, USN (Ret)
Former Electronic Warfare Technician
and Shipboard Intelligence officer

Anonymous said...

LMAO at Landcommi's usage of the word "overthrow." Nobody in the world except him uses "overthrow" to describe the defeat of an occupying force in another country.


Mike V. said...

well, since it's our occupying force that propped up the puppet government that is in place now, it's actually a pretty apt term, chickenshit anon..

Karen said...

i'm so bummed out about the whole mess; it's depressing. :(

gawfer said...

Diane and Mike,
Thanks for not being too hostile.
In my remarks, when I stated "Terrorists and those countries that support terrorism", I was refering directly to the speech given by President Bush September 20, 2001 when he stated that any country that supports terrorists are considered enemies of the United States. We were ALL on board at that time with that statement. In fact, our country was never so united as it was after September 11, 2001.

I think the goals have been misconstrued over the last couple of years and have changed to creating new governments and that was not part of what I supported. Never-the-less, Iraq and Saddam Husein did support terrorists as defined by the training camps located within the country, and no reasonable person disputes that fact. I however, believe Iran poses a greater threat to our well being that Iraq ever did.

And I agree with you Mike about people posting as Anonymous. They find their way the trash bin at Gawfer.

Go Navy!

Ricardo said...

Mike can I get freedom fries with that freedom agenda or is that asking for too much of this administration?

Mike V. said...

sorry, gawfer, "saddam was a bad man" don't wash with me, and doesn't excuse the lies put forth to start the war with Iraq.

any training camps in Iraq (a country completely contained by us) could have been wiped out without a full scale invasion.

we are occupying a country that does not want us there.

we pulled a thorn out of Iran's side by getting rid of our buddy Saddam.

there are 112 billion proven barrels of sweet crude under the sand in Iraq.
it was time to put that under our control.

Landcomm1 said...


Perhaps I could have used a better word than "overthrow" however, whether you consider the government in Iraq legitimate or puppet, the U.S. placed them and they remain because we remain. Based on what we know of the situation in Iraq, it seems reasonable to assume that the goal of attacking both Iraqi and American forces is to overthrow. This, as opposed to undermine, weaken, piss off… You probably get the point. In short, thus avoiding a possible etymology tangent, I was satisfied the word overthrow was correct.

Hide behind your veil of anonymity, if you must. Your bombastic use of the word idiot leads me to believe you are probably snickering in egocentric amusement, thinking you have scored with a well-aimed zinger. Sorry to disappoint but the only thing you have managed is to convinced me that hiding behind a pseudonym is silly. When I wrote for a gay magazine in San Diego some years ago, I did so because I was active-duty Navy. Now that I am comfortably retired and can live free and happy, there is absolutely no reason for me to cloak myself behind a fa├žade. Thank you for the motivation to discard this unnecessary baggage.

Steve A. Landis