Monday, July 31, 2006

Vote for Vote

The Mexican supporters of Lopez Obrador's run for president are not taking the outcome of the election sitting down.

They are marching in the streets in support of their right to have their votes counted.
What a shocking thing. Demanding that all the votes mean something.

Looks like they won't stand for having their ballots tossed in the trash.

Noted a few weeks back by Greg Palast in his article "Florida con Salsa", some of the same shenanigans and some of the same people who brought us FLA 2000, were down Mexico way having their way with the will of the people.
Most notably our friends ChoicePoint that helped to scrub voters here in the US were playing games with voters to the south.

Not that anyone should be shocked.
Bush certainly loves the pro-business Calderon and would despise any kind of populust president.


Tom Harper said...

Who can blame the Mexican voters? They don't want to end up like that banana republic on their northern border. Let them learn from our mistakes. We can be the anti-role model.

Ricardo said...

Must have been using rigged Diebold voting machines. Good thing they don't have a Catherine Harris to worry about however.