Monday, July 31, 2006

UK and my great state of CA say: let's do something.

Sometimes, you just have to take matters into your own hands. Who knows what will ever come of this, but I love that it winds up rubbing Bush's nose in his hatred of the environment a little bit.

Not the biggest fan of the big Arnold, though I appreciate his love of a fine cigar..

The Guv and (Yo, Tony) Blair said they came "to share ideas and information. It is not a treaty," (insert your own version of Arnold's voice here).


Diane said...

California continues at the fore front of the environmental wars. Last year legislation was enacted enabling substantial tax breaks for consumers installing solar energy panels in their homes. I'm not a huge Arnie fan either, but he is willing to take some stands that other politicians from both parties shy away from.

SheaNC said...

Uh oh! Blair is playing around with Arnold while he's supposed to be going steady with Bush! Maybe that's because Bush and Arnold only had one date and kinda hit it off, but then Blair stole him away. It's all so sordid.

Mike V. said...

what I would like to see, Diane, is a move in my state to start making it almost standard to install solar panels on all new construction of condos, apartments and homes.
with the new systems that have you on the grid like normal, yet allow you to put power BACK in when you are producing more than you are using just makes sense to me.
all these huge expances of roofing in southern CA should get used.

shea, there ain't much about the rethugs that is't sordid.. :)