Thursday, July 20, 2006

One year of posting to this blog, closing in on 20K hits!

Thanks to anyone right or left that stops by to read, get pissed, comment or whatever.

I'm not sure exactly how many posts I have, several hundred or so, probably close to 400 of them.
I actually started my first blog sometime in 2004 hosting on my domain, then decided to go with the Blogger server permanently for templates and hosting. Usually reliable.. :)

Strangely enough, another yearly event is coming up soon that has to do with me getting older.
And a few less hairs and a few more character lines. Men don't get wrinkles.
Email me for gift ideas, though I will gladly accept cash.

Thanks again. Peace.


writer said...

best of luck in your journey :)

Landcomm1 said...

Character lines indeed! Thus far I am impressed with your character, glad to know you and pleased that you (among others) have motivated me to provide my own thoughts. Together we'll grow old, cranky and cantankerous but will hopefully have saved our nation from the doom neo-cons have in store for us if left in charge. Happy Birthday, Mike!

Mike V. said...

Not till August 4th, but it's the big four zero, so it's on my mind alot..

I'm glad that you have been blogging, you do a very good job at it.

Do the blogmad thing if you wanna get more traffic, it' pretty good.
You can basically surf through other people's blogs to earn points, etc..

There's a link on the right.
Gets me points if you use it.. :)

dusty said...

Glad I found your blog..and congrats on getting older, happens to all of us..hopefully we are wiser too :)

Karen said...

mike, yer as young as you feel, it's all a state of mind!

really enjoy your blog, but you knew that cuz i'm here a lot!! :-)

Fight The Good Fight! said...

My regards... You seem like a cool dude, and SD is GREAT! If you and your fellow bloggers think you can change the world for the better...God speed.

Diane said...

mike - men don't grow older - they grow more distinguished :-). Happy B-day, and keep on blogging.

peterlavina said...

Best wishes from half-the-world away. If you think Davao is far, we are currently hosting 13 Sonoma SU teachers. They're enjoying our fine weather and warm people. Tomorrow, they're headed for an overnight in a white-sand beach. Keep up the good blogging.

Tom Harper said...

Happy anniversary for the blog, and happy Four-Oh.

And yeah, BlogMad rocks.

Mike V. said...

thanks for all the kind words.

tell those teachers I raise a glass of Lambert Bridge wine in a toast.

Sonoma is one of my favorite places in my state to visit for sure..

Sar said...

Happy blogiversary! Tell me I'm your 20k hit. Oh yeah and as for blogmad - you're welcome. ;)

I'll save your b-day wishes since you're still 39. Old fart.

Mike V. said...

Yes, I am old.

Not quite the 20th, will be a few weeks, but I am getting there.

Ricardo said...

WOOOOO!!!! Here's to many more years of blogging and 40 years of excellence.

LA said...

Forty is the new 30, ya know. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

It's gonna look great on you, Mike; you're gonna love it!

Landcomm1 said...

40 IS the new 30! When I was living in San Diego in my late 20's to late 30's, I was probably in the best shape of my life but now that I've settled into my mid 40's and have a home, family, nice garden, dogs and more friends to spend time with... Well, I think I'm happier than ever. Embrace 40, Mike. I've found goodness with getting older! Happy Friday, everyone.

michele said...

Congrats!I live in cali too
are we ever going to have winter
again,it's too damn hott.

SheaNC said...

I'm late as usual, but congratulations anyway! 180,000 hits you say?

Carina said...

Ding dong, blogmad hit....happy impending birthday, you whippersnapper you and here's to lots more birthdays and blog entries.