Friday, July 21, 2006

The neo-con path to where the world is now

The short version:

US invades Iraq and pulls out a thorn in Syria ad Iran's side.
Bush tells the world it's because they are a threat.
Oh, and we need to build democracy in the middle east.
Theocratic crapola is in the new constitution.
Sunnis say, fuck off, we want some of that oil money that's left over
after the fields are carved up and privatized.
Civil war ensues.

Hamas and Hezbollah are democratically chosen. Bush and the neo-cons
immediately give them the finger.

Shiites in our puppet government in Iraq issue a statement pro Hamas
and Hesbollah this week Shiites that are aligned with Iran.

Now you have the US tied up in the middle of Mesopotamia guarding the
wells and trying to get order while Israel fights with Shiite/Iranian-friendly Hamas and Hezbollah.

In an alternate universe, something else could be happening:

Instead, US invades Afghanistan, stays there, finishes the job, gets
the fucking animals out of there. We put in a base there.
Now Iraq is really surrounded. Let the fucker pump his oil, move on
getting the UN in there and keeping them there. Make secret deal with
Saddam with oil assholes.
Rather than give the finger to Hamas and Hezbollah, broker deals with
them, Israel and Syria.
Iran is assed out. Let them sit there and pump their oil, too.


Jon said...

Hindsight is 20/20 and very easy for you to sit back and make a boneheaded call like that. Had we not gone into Iraq to remove Saddam by force, he would have had four more years to develop and give to Al-Qeada in Iraq WMD's. By the way, Al-Qaeda was in Iraq prior to US going in and removing Saddam. There was plenty of documentation to show that Al-Zarqawi was already in Iraq before we moved in and that meant Saddam was aware of his presense in his country.

You are simply showing to what level your hatred of President Bush has sunk that you can actually say with any degree of certainty that your plan would have worked any better.

SheaNC said...

LOL! Jon is still loose! Jon, you demonstrate that everything we say about the right is true.

Mike, you plan is of course too sensible. Besides, how would we bring about armageddon that way?

Mike V. said...

Jon, this has nothing to to with hind sight, you nitwit.

We KNEW that Saddam was not a threat. Everything you mention is a freaking lie, and no matter how many times you or the RNC repeats that crap, they are still lies.

Are you also going to sit here and tell me that the world is safer now with W in charge?
Are you going to tell me it's "hindsight" to think that the Bush administration should have done something other than give the finger to elected parties? I thought they were all about "domcracy" around the world.

Once again I hae to remind you, go back to doing what you do best, writing about cars going around in circle to the thrill of rednecks nationwide..

Karen said...

"writing about cars going around in circle to the thrill of rednecks nationwide"...

... lol, Mike!

The thing that puzzles me is why rightwingers feel the need to come here and defend their side? There's only one reason and that is they're not secure with it.

Mike V. said...

I have no problem with anyone coming here.
Particularly someone like that.

Points out his absurdity.

All views welcome.

Landcomm1 said...

Nicely said, Mike. I am personally thrilled when lunatics such as this try to make their point. As is splashed around the news today, even our own military has pointed out that our recklessness has made the world a LESS safe place. It almost seems wasteful to write this but really folks, this is what happens when you put an imbicile in charge. I remember hoping that "compassionate conservativism" translated into 'we might be okay.' Of course this could not be further from the truth. Thanks in great part to Dubya and a willing congress, we are closer today to WWIII than ever during the damned cold war. Nice job, Jon, ya knob!