Friday, July 14, 2006

He's some diplomat, eh?

What a world leader. Fucking half way to WW3 and here's Bush answering questions:

Q : "Does it concern you that the Beirut airport has been bombed? And do you see a risk of triggering a wider war?

"And on Iran, they've, so far, refused to respond. Is it now past the deadline, or do they still have more time to respond?"

BUSH: "I thought you were going to ask me about the pig."

Q: "I'm curious about that, too." (Laughter.)

BUSH: "The pig? I'll tell you tomorrow after I eat it."

Har Har Har.. Almost as funny as Rummy the other day in Iraq:

"Right now, we have one of the oldest pieces of equipment in country, it's called a Buffalo, and ours is the oldest. And we--the other day, two weeks ago, we saw a brand-new one in downtown New York City. And we've been waiting for three months for ours. We're just wondering why that was."

"I can't answer why your particular unit ends up with one of the oldest pieces of equipment, but I'll bet you General Casey can."

Sigh. We're fucking doomed..

BTW, if Bush was smart (which he's not) he would call up a couple ex-presidents to work on this shit between Israel and their friends in
Lebanon and elsewhere. Maybe people that have some credibility over there like his dad's new bestest buddy Bubba and Carter. Just a thought..


Diane said...

That's a great idea - hey - why aren't you running the country? You got my vote!

LA said...

I agree, nukes are gonna fly if this shit doesn't get taken care of, pronto.

Senor said...

Thats the problem with moonbats. They really think its possible to negotiate with people who only have one objective; to see you dead.

Peace? It cant happen when the palestinian death mongers keep launching missiles into Israel after Israel has pulled out of Gaza. You cant deal with terrorists. They only consider it a weakness on the other partys side.

You see the world through rainbow colored peace activist glasses.

Ma Titwonky said...

You want to bring Jimmy Carter into this? You're kidding, right? I mean, even Bubba wouldn't authorize Jimmy Carter to pursue diplomacy on behalf of the US. Carter went to North Korea anyway, and upon his return no one from the Clinton Administration would even meet with him to find out what he'd done. Jimmy Carter is a fool who could only make any situation between Israel and Palestine far, far worse. If you want to be credible on your evaluation of Bush's intelligence, you simply cannot go invoking the name Jimmy Carter! LOL!!!

Mike V. said...

we need to talk with both sides.

bush's dick waving around in that part of the world is what is making this mess worse than it ever has been.

carter facilitated the The Camp David Accords of 1979, which is a hell of a lot more than Bush has ever done.

Ricardo said...

Look the cowboy politics aren't working and that statement was just awful on Bush's part. If we choose to do nothing then Israel is going to do what they feel they have to do, unleash a barrage of relentless attacks. They don't have the leverage alone to calm this situation down, they're surrounded, but we do. And when given the chance to do it, Bolton just said let what ever happens happen. Unfortunate as this is where the US really had some power. To step in and say,"cool it, lets talk this out." I'd love to see Carter or someone step in. He's a very credible statesman. How quickly Camp David is forgotten.

BUT Senor has a point as well, do these guys even want to talk it out? I'd rather try and fail than not try at all. And we haven't tried for this incident and it worries me.

blog Portland said...

When all else fails, let's fucking throwdown a BBQ!

Matt Vella said...

What a complete and utter waste of my valuable air and food that guy is.