Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's all Clinton's fault! (or why I stopped worrying and learned to enbrace Usenet)

There are some funny damn people on there for sure.

Usenet, as in newsgroups, are basically like text-based boards for arguing about everything from tortilla chips, to porn and politics.

Well, you know how all the right-wingers STILL love to blame Clinton for everything?
Here is a post that I found today on alt.politics.bush in answer to other people (those prefaced by the >> things) about Clinton:

>>> Hey, dumbass, you forgot to name the iceberg "Clinton".
>>> You loons are starting to slip.

>>Man o' Man...That Clinton is one powerful guy....out of office for nearly
>>six years and he's still responsible for all off bush,jr's fuckups!

>Yep. Every chance they get, it's Clinton's fault.

I sure hope Billy gets a mold of his erect penis then has a life like
model made with newskin and then donates it to the Smithsonian Museum
so that all the right wingers can go look at it in awe. For ten bucks
extra maybe they can take turns squeezing it and see what it feels
like to be a real man.

I'm afriad they would tremble and faint, according to them it is so
powerful, it changed history and still six years later, many miles away
from the capital, it still is working wonders.

I swear to God, that is one of the funniest posts I have read in years. Had to pass that on..


LA said...

That's some good shit, Mike. Cracking up here!

SheaNC said...

Right on. I lurk in alt.impeach.bush regularly. My favorites there are Roedy Green, Harry Hope, and Frederick L. Rice. Roedy Green also has a lot of great anti-Bush stuff on his website.

Mike V. said...

You've seen me on there, then.

LA said...

I honestly don't even know how to find Usenet any more. I used to post a lot, like back when I had Win 3.1, 100 years ago. Do you just put, say, alt.impeach.bush into your browser?

Mike V. said...

unless you want to mess with a newsrearder client like Agent, you can use groups.google.com to get to all the non-binary newsgroups that way.

LA said...

Thanks, Mike. You're my geek hero!

Karen said...


ROTFLMAO!! and hubby, too, after I read it to him!!

Gotta post this on my blog, Mike, with kudos to you!! This made my day!!


Matt Vella said...

America, don't forget to juggle the balls - it's a three piece set!

Landcomm1 said...

Sweet. I've moved political rant (mostly) off our main (family friendly) blog to www.progressive-veteran.blogspot.com Now this pissed vet can rant without offending the kids!

Karen said...

matt~ oh, of course... like the icing on the cake! *giggle*

dusty said...

hot damn! that was a goodie..and I like your response too :p

Mike V. said...

well, like I said, I cannot take credit for any of that, but I did have to share.. :)