Saturday, June 10, 2006

I love it when Wal Mart gets kicked in the teeth.

Even if it's just a little bit.

They recently got sued for selling Fendi (whatever that is) bags in their Sams Club stores that were really fakes.

One of the quotes:

In one example cited in the lawsuit, a black handbag bearing Fendi's trademark logo was offered for sale in a Sam's Club store in Miami for $508.25, 45 percent less than the retail price of $930 for a genuine Fendi bag.

Now, I didn't even know there was such a think as a thousand dollar purse, but that shows you what I know about womens fashion..

I could care less about some stupid ugly purse, but it still makes me laugh that according to the story:

Sam's Club stores, which sell everything from bulk groceries to office supplies, recently said it would ratchet up competition with rival Costco Wholesale Corp. by selling more luxury goods like fine wines and diamonds.

Sure, they just expect that you'll be buying fake shit and love it.

Everyone wins here! Wal Mart gets sued, and people that shop at Wal Mart got screwed.
That's what you get for shopping at Mao Mart, suckers!


Tom Harper said...

Poetic justice for Wal-Mart. You can hardly blame people for shopping there, even though they're jeopardizing other people's jobs by patronizing them. Their prices are so low, it's hard to avoid shopping there if you're struggling to pay the bills.

But a $900 purse for "only" $500? That's absurd. If there's Karma, those shoppers should have their own jobs outsourced.

Ricardo said...

I think fendi was mentioned in an LL Cool J song back in the day. I hate Wal-Mart but around here I have little choice. I'm a Target man. Selling counterfeit goods is no surprise.

Mike V. said...

it's not just the jobs, Tom.
it's their practices as the huge employer that they are on the country at large that makes them a factor in the downward pressure on wages for ALL working people.

there is only one sector of the job market right now that is growing country-wide that sees jobs with good pay: healthcare.
other than that, all there is are crappy service jobs.
good manufacturing jobs are still fleeing. people that still have them are taking cuts in pay and losing benefits.
good paying service jobs like union grocery work is going thanks to Wal Mart.
All so people can save a few bucks on Tide.
My paper said there was a study that showed the average family of 4 could save like a couple hundred bucks a month because of Wal Mart. BIG DEAL!
If people are LOSING good wages a couple hundred bucks a month is nothing.
That's just over a dollar an hour.
Well, if you lost your union job and have to take something at Wal Mart, you would lose a HECK of a lot more than a buck an hour.
And how is THAT good for my community anyway??

SheaNC said...

Sadly, a couple of hundred bucks IS a big deal to many, and their numbers are increasing. I'm sorry to report that economic group includes me, although my wife and I have been able to maintain a strict policy of avoiding walmart.

Every time walmart gets sued, an angel gets its wings.

Landcomm said...

We recently declined to renew our membership. Instead, we joined Costco, which I believe is owned by humans. Walmart and anything owned by Walmart is avoided like the plague. Among other bad things, this company has become the largest trading partner (in America) with China.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Only a true moron would believe that you could purchase a Fendi bag @ Walmart.

Mike V. said...

Well, there you go..

that's what they get. for supporting Mao Mart and lower wages and benefits in the US. 500 bucks down the shitter for a stupid fake handbag..

D-Max said...

Low, low prices are sooo detestable.

Mike V. said...

There's more to my community than "low prices" on CD's.

What about the working people that are having their jobs outsourced?
What about good wages and benefits that have negative impact because of Wal Mart's practice?

Do you have the ability for critical thinking??