Monday, April 17, 2006

Why are orchids so hard to grow??

I consider myself to have a pretty decent green thumb with just about anything.
Someone gave us a potted mum last year and when it bloomed out in the house, I took it out, split it in two and shoved the divided plant in two places out front.

Year later, they are blooming and collectively like 4 times the size of the original.
Same thing with roses. Mine seem to bloom constantly and grown to enormous heights.

Orchids on the other hand, are quite difficult.

We bought a couple neat looking ones like over two years ago at Trader Joes.
They bloomed forever, then never again.
I moved them all over the house, tried VF11, watered from above, watered from below, etc..

This lady told me one day, put them in an eastern facing window, water like once a week from above really soaking them and letting them drain. Every other time, use some mild flower fertilizer.
Well, the window over the kitchen sink faces due east. Perfect.
I can leave them on a tray right above the sink, once a week (twice if it's a warm week) water them right in there and let them drain.

Sure enough, she was right.
First to bloom was this guy.

I have no idea what any of these are called.

The purple one is blooming right now. Just started with two flowers.

They are very pretty and I am semi-proud of myself.

If I can get them to bloom again, THEN I will consider myself successful..

You can click on either one to see a larger version in a new window.

Note the very cool tile backsplash in purple picture. OK, so I'm still proud of that.. :)

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Crystal said...

Oh wow, such an inspiring post! Watering seems to be the key with orchids, I've lost my fair share due to overwatering which rots the roots, but now I water only once a week. I live in an apartment and don't have the luxery of multiple window options, but there's a large south-facing window in my living room and now I've placed 4 orchids there, then the others get a west-facing window. I'm doing everything right, and so hopefully they will start blooming come next Fall/Winter!