Saturday, April 15, 2006

This isn't the first letter from a disillusioned Iraq vet:

And it most certainly will not be the last.

Check it out on the Seattle Times web site. No registration or anything required.

Small quote:

Three years ago, I was a Marine Corps captain on the Iraqi/Kuwaiti border, participating in the invasion of Iraq. Awestruck, I heard our howitzers thunder and watched artillery rockets rise into the night sky and streak toward Iraq — their light bathing the desert moonscape like giant arc welders.

As I watched the Iraq war begin, I completely trusted the Bush administration. I thought we were going to prove all of the left-wing antiwar protesters and dissenters wrong. I thought we were going to make America safer. Regrettably, I acknowledge that it was I who was wrong.

One of the best written OpEd pieces from someone that was there.
Oh, there will be more.
Just as the generals we hear now are making noises about Rummy, we will hear story after story from people like this man.


LA said...

Amen, brother. Hope you don't mind if I post it on my blog, too. Thanks for the find.

Mike V. said...

I think that's a good idea.

Just remember the little people who find things for you.. :)

Ricardo said...

I really want Rumsfeld gone. This story proves once again that this was a war we had no business getting into.

Tom Harper said...

I think this Marine captain, plus those retired generals, are just the beginnings of a groundswell for Rumsfeld's dismissal. And after Rumsfeld...