Saturday, April 22, 2006

College students to Bush: Stay out!

Good for them!

Stanford protesters alter Bush's plans

He's not to popular in our great state, for sure.
Hell, I can't even find an ex-military person that works at the same high tech company as me that likes the asshole, either.

Love it!

Quick clip from the story:

President Bush's stop at Cisco Systems in San Jose on Friday to sell his pro-technology agenda went off without a hitch, but a quick visit to Stanford University's Hoover Institution had to be scuttled when about 1,000 student protesters converged on a corner near the Hoover tower.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said because road access was blocked, a meeting between the president and several Hoover fellows was moved to the campus home of former Secretary of State George Shultz, a Hoover fellow who organized the gathering. Protesters were elated.

As am I. Good work, protesters.
You are true Americans.


El Mas Chingón said...

I'm happy that Stanford students forced Shrub to move last night's meeting to George Schulz's house. What concerns me is the meeting itself.

According to the Think Progress web site, Shrub was meeting with a think tank promoting a military strike on Iran.

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Mike V. said...

thanks for the link, I'll be checking it out.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Why exactly does this make them true Americans?????

Mike V. said...

because they stood up and voiced what they believed in and made a difference, small as it was.

too many Americans (myself included) are content a lot of the time to complain and then do nothing.

they did something.

SheaNC said...

Yes, Jenn, this country was born from righteous dissent and protest. They are true blue Americans.