Monday, April 24, 2006

Your duty as a citizen this year.

First and foremost, get out and vote. That is a given, though plenty of people do not.

We are truly at a crossroads here. This goes beyond the traditional right and left trying to come to a compromise.
The right in this nation as they are manifested now are not traditional conservatives and you need to remember that when you make your choices.
It’s not that the party has so tilted to the right; it’s that they have abandoned all that makes running this country properly even possible.
I consider myself quite “progressive” on a lot of topics, and I have a feeling that a lot of registered republicans do as well.
Further, I have no problems with a lot of what the traditional conservatives stand for, particularly that which would keep the US budget in check, spending in check, a strong military and smaller government. I also want the US government to adhere to the Constitution and stay out of the business of religion and becoming our nanny.
I don’t need the FCC down the back of every radio or TV station that says poop, I don’t need a law telling homosexuals that they cannot marry, and I certainly don’t need a government that wants to take the fundie side in the debate about science vs. intelligent design.

What we ALL need, however is a checked and balanced Washington that is looking out for all Americans, not just the military industrial complex and the world’s largest corporations.
The gay, religious and other wedge issues used to bring certain forces to the table in the last couple elections are not the real things that most Americans even ever have to worry about when it comes to their lives.
From top to bottom, starting with what I consider an illegal war with a sovereign nation (not a threat to us) to day to day “running” of the US government, it’s my opinion that the needs of working Americans are most certainly at the bottom.
Our crushing debt and deficits have grave implications not just for future generations, but for the near future as well if certain countries start cashing in their chips.

Since 2001, our nation has lost almost 3 million good paying manufacturing jobs. Jobs that have not been replaced in any way with ones that provide for family and community.
White collar high tech jobs have been replaced by jobs overseas and H1Visas here.
At that time, there has also been exponential growth in the huge gap between what CEO’s and the like make compared to the average working American. Our wages are not keeping up with inflation.
We have 46 million Americans without health care.
Illegal immigration: Bust the employers. End of story. Stop with the histrionics and racism. And this topic gets back to the fight against the American worker.
Corporate America WANTS undocumented workers here. Liberals are seen as soft on immigration and Conservatives are seen as tough on it.
Bush has done nothing. And the companies can sit back and enjoy the fight for now, because they have a permanent underclass of workers and they can keep wages depressed for all. They are exploiting one group of people while they dispossess another.

It’s time for both republicans and democrats to work in our favor again.
Call them, write them and demand that they do so!


Tom Harper said...

Great description of our predicament. This definitely goes beyond left/right, liberal/conservative. We need to take our country back from the oligarchs and Salem Witch-hunters.

I don't care if the next president is Republican or Democrat, but this current gang of thugs -- this isn't your father's Republican party.

SheaNC said...

Since California has endorsed Deibold voting machines, I am discouraged about the success of voting as a tool of change. Maybe I'll vote absentee, I don't know. It's troubling, though.

Aurelius said...

I'm with ya, brother. I also agree with commentator #2 that the voting machines w/o a paper trail really do make voting into an act of faith.

Kevin Phillips' latest 'American Theocracy' has filled in a lot of gaps for me. There is a guy who was once at the heart of the GOP, but who now feels like the party has mutated into something else. His version of conservatism I could live with.

George Bush can get away with anything as long as 51% of the population believes dinosaur fossils were planted by the devil to tempt believers.

Anyway, cool blog,
Stay groovy

Mike V. said...

thanks, Shea and Tom.
Shea, I agree with you, but I think I should have been more clear, that it's not just voting, it's being involved and making our voices heard to those that are SUPPOSED to represent us. Us meaning the people, not the corporations.

Aurelius, I have read American Dynasty by Kevin Phillips, but not the latest one.
He was on with Bill Maher a couple weeks ago talking about it.

I think it's more like half of Bush's base might believe in the 6000 year old Earth.
And like Bill and Joe Biden said, the Democrats and moderates should not even bother fishing in that pond..

Thanks for the kind words.

LA said...

When I hear Jim Jeffords speak, an "old school" Republican, I can totally get behind him. He was totally blackballed by his own party because he wouldn't get behind the neofascist message. It's these mafia methods of keeping the party in line that is going to bring the Repubs down in the end. People are slowly but surely waking up.

I could totally be behind an administration that was fiscally conservative (which this one is NOT) and socially progressive (ditto). The party name of such an admnistration would be unimportant, but that combination of governing would work for me.

I'm going to add one more thing, if I may, Michael, to your duty as a citizen. Fulfill your jury duty. I know it's inconvenient, but it is the duty of all of us, as citizens, to fulfill this obligation. Think of it as another side of the voting coin. It's our opportunity to have a voice in civic matters. It's a privilege of democracy, and I feel sad that people try to "get out of it." It's actually very fulfilling.

Mike V. said...

I always do my Jury duty!
The last time I was called, I was an alternate, though. which is not that rewarding..

LA said...

Mike - I didn't mean you in particular, I meant everybody in general, of course! :)

copy editor said...

This could be the most important election in our lifetimes... and I say that in the hope that both parties will nominate someone competent next election.

It's a hope. But, it gets me through the day.

Senor said...

We dont have 46 million people without health care. We have 46 million people without HEALTH INSURANCE. There is a huge difference.

First of all, take about 15 million people off that list, they are here illegaly. Now take another 20 million off the list who are between 18-25 yrs old, because they simply dont feel the NEED for health insurance. I didnt have health insurance at that age.

Saying they lack HEALTH CARE is a big lib lie.

Senor said...

"I think it's more like half of Bush's base might believe in the 6000 year old Earth."

Whaaaat???? Where did you get such a ridiculous fucking notion? I've never met anybody in MY LIFE who believes in the 6,000 yr old Earth.
Neither does Bush. So where do you get this from?

Mike V. said...

Find me the cite that states that 15 million of the 46 million without health care are illegal here.
BTW, your president is doing nothing about that, whereas my plan is the best one (busting employers) but no one in office will touch it.
And what on earth makes you think that 18 to 25 year olds do not need or want health coverage?
I had it that whole time when I was that age through my union and it was VERY important.

My point on the 6000 year old earth thing is that I don't think a majority of the population thinks that, but a good number of Bush supporters who are fundie christians do in fact believe that crap.