Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hanging in the window on a rainy day, that's what Tiggers do best

I have to look at Tigger hanging there in the window above my desk.
Today is rainy and cold, particularly for us thin blooded folks in Southern CA.

You can see the clouds out there with hint of pink as the sun goes down in the west.

I remember when we were kids, my grandfather (in this instance, my dad's dad) would come over for dinner, or to sit with us when our parents would go out.
He was ALWAYS singing. No Sinatra was he, but he could carry a tune for the most part. Imagine Jimmy Durante (look him up on Google, youngsters).
You could hear him coming to the door, most likely with a bottle of wine (hair tonic he called it) or if he was sitting with us, a box of Eskimo Pies for my brother and me.
Walking from his car to the front door, you could her him singing something. Probably a tune from WAY before anyone's time.
When you would open the door, in the same key he would change the song to include the words, "well, it's cold outside.." whenever he came by during the winter.
That never ceased to make me smile, no matter how old I was.

Tonight, it's cold outside and it just made me think of him.
I'll find my cheapest bottle of red wine and have a drink and remember just a little bit..


Valerie said...

isn't it amazing the things that can bring back a memory? I am sure your grandfather was looking down at you remembering too.

Laurie said...

What a sweet memory :-)

Matt Vella said...

Man, those Eskimo Pies were the best. That and when he let us stay up to watch Benny Hill.

Mike V. said...

our first look at naked boobies on TV.

those were the days..