Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Which is it, Chimp-boy?

Bush Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval.


What about this little tidbit: Former Dubai Ports senior executive (meaning liar, thief, money launderer) was appointed last month as administrator of the Maritime Administration of the Transportation Department.

Of course Spanky McClellan says this had NOTHING to do with this deal. Of course not! Who would think such a thing??
And Bush being a lifetime oil man (albeit failure at it) had nothing to do with it, either.

And we're just supposed to forget about the money and operational help that some of the 9-11-2001 hijackers got from the United Arab Emirates.

Oh, yea, and UAE has been a transfer point for SMUGGLED nulclear shit to Iran.

Great choice there, W.

Which just goes to prove, there is one thing and one thing only on the minds of people like this and the people that run the company that you work for: Laundering money into their own pockets and the pockets of those that support them.
That's it.


Matt Vella said...

He's a frip fropper.

That's a retarded flip flopper, for those taking meticulous notes.

Sar said...

But don't you know, we don't have to worry about being safe. Dumb shit. That picture's hillarious, btw.

Btw, Mike, looking to get away from it all? My place Friday!

Tom Harper said...

This shows more blatantly than ever that Bush is just a figurehead, just a cardboard cutout. He's ready to fight to the death for this deal, and then it turns out he wasn't even aware of the deal while it was being made. Too much!

He might as well just tattoo "This Space For Rent" across his forehead.

blog Portland said...

All of this greed will eventually bite him in the ass. I can only hope it will happen after he's left office so the entire country doesn't have to suffer any further for his bullshit.

Scottage said...

You know, I love how easily Bush lies. First he says he didn't know anyting about the deal, as you point out here, and then he says that he negotiated a deal with the UAE to protect the US before the deal was signed. Can't have it both way, Bush, either you knew about it or you didn't.