Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Diebold extends its fascism to my state

Head over to Shea's blog for this important post.

There can be no real freedom in this Republic unless all of our votes are guaranteed to be counted properly.

Please write to your rep. or call their office.
We cannot allow this to stick.

Update via Tom Harper's comment to my post that belongs here.
Make your voice heard here for now.


Tom Harper said...

Here is a petition asking local and county governments to use ONLY paper ballots. It may not be foolproof, but they're a lot harder to tamper with than electronic ballots. If Diebold is trying to strangle the democratic process, paper ballots are one way to make an end run.

Mike V. said...

Thanks, Tom.
I will add that link to the post itself.

LA said...

I signed!

And on to the next thing... I see the Supreme Court is wasting no time and is already getting ready to overturn Roe v. Wade.

We're so fucked.

Matt Vella said...

AND the president who is supposedly sooooo worried about our national security is intent on handing over control of some of our major ports (NYC included) to private companies owned by - Middle Eastern companies.

Whooooo boy, it's getting really interesting now kids!

LA said...

Yeah, Matt, my eyes popped out of my head when I read that Sunday night. It's a Saudi company, too, and if you'll recall, 17 out of 20 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis as is Bin Laden (although there were no Iraqis on those planes, funnily enough). Bush has really gotten brazen, and I think (hope) he's totally crossed the line on this one. Pataki and another affected Republican governor are actually trying to block this from happening. There's a lot of dissent among their own over this. I think this might actually (finally) sway a lot of Americans who think we are in Iraq fighting terrorism to wake up and smell the coffee about the Bush family and the oil agenda of this administration.

I'm curious. Anyone know how Fox News is handling this story?

SheaNC said...

If the UAE controls our ports, then we could find ourselves aiding terrorists, and then we might invade ourselves and overthrow our government - hey! This might actually work!

Laurie said...

Now he's saying that he will VETO any law against the port deal.

His typical arrogance, as usual; putting his pals ahead of national security.

As for Diebold - how do you think the Shurb won Ohio in 2004?

Mike V. said...

which, BTW, would be the ONLY time he has ever used the veto since taking office.

horseshit, I tell you!

oh, and on the right wing echo machine blogs and the like, the "libs" are being accused of being racist for questioning this. funny that they are leaving out Pataki and others..

LA said...

No fucking way? They are calling us RACIST? LOLOLOLOL! Goddamn! Thanks for that, I really needed a laugh this morning!